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The best treatment for facial acne is to keep your face clean and the skin pores clear. This means gentle exfoliation and cleaning every day and night.

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Q: What kind of treatment is the best for facial acne?
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What are photofacials and who should have them done?

Photo facial is a generic term for a skin treatment that uses some kind of light-based technology. An LED photo facial is a very gentle treatment that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, helping to treat acne and help look younger.

What kind of laser procedure removes acne scars?

One kind of laser procedure that will remove acne scars is called focal acne scar treatment - or the F.A.S.T. technique. This technique will be treating a fraction of the skin.

What kind of cystic acne treatment could help prevent scarring?

Cyctic acne can be treated with benzoyl peroxide to help prevent scarring of the areas infected.

Your facial hair got bleached and then disappeared while using anti acne cream. Is there any way to regrow them esp mustache?

what kind of acne cream where you using? because i have way too much facial hair and i would love them to disapear and never come back

Which kind of exfoliator has a cleansing acne treatment?

Proactive has a line of products that are designed specifically to target acne. One of their products is an exfoliator which helps to clean the skin's pores.

What facial tissue stands up to moisture the best?

The Puffs kind!!

What are some types of acne cream that is gentle on skin with rosacea?

Acne cream is probably not the best solution for rosacea, as it is not a form of acne. You should see a dermatologist for the right kind of treatment, as there are several different kinds of rosacea that people experience. The sooner you see a doctor the less permanent skin damage you'll experience.

Which kind of detail best reveals character?

Description of a person's facial expressions

What kind of acne treatment should you use?

It depends on what kind of skin you have. (Oily, dry, combination, etc) See a dermatologist to see whats right for your skin type. There are many different types of acne treatments such as topical treatments or pills.

Is the Clinique acne solution recommended for all ages?

In order to treat acne or other skin conditions, it is important to determine the cause. Some acne, especially in adults, can be caused by an infection that is treated with antibiotics. Before you invest in an acne treatment program, ask your doctor or make an appointment with a dermatologist. Clinique makes fines products and has a well trained staff. The effectiveness of their acne products depends on the cause of the acne. Your dermatologist can tell you if your condition would be best addressed by the kind of product Clinique is offering.

What kind of moisturizer should you use if i have acne?

Neutrogena's Acne Wash.

Is it weird to get acne on your arms?

this is not acne but some kind of rash or allergy

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