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Disturbing the Peace - Reckless Driving - Careless Driving.

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Q: What kind of trouble can you get for burning out in a public parking lot?
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You ran a stop sign in a private parking lot -Prob Cause- you can only be pulled over for suspicion of DUI once you have left the lot for public streets not while still in the parking lot Is this tru?

Not in Oregon or Washington. Both states (and many others) classify DUI as a traffic crime that is enforceable on any premise open to the public (a parking lor or private road) as well as on a public roadway. HOWEVER, running a stop sign, which is probably not enforceable on private property, may not create any kind of probable cause for a DUI stop. This is definitely a question for a DUI attorney, but I would not consider just running a stop sign (that you probably don't have to stop for anyway) probable cause for any kind of stop.