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A slider turtle is basically like a category of turtles including the Yellow Belly Slider Turtle and the Red Eared Slider turtle.

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Which type-of-turtle is the best for-a-pet?

The Red Eared Slider is the most common kind of pet turtle, so I'm guessing that the Red Eared Slider is the best kind of turtle for a pet. People do seem to like it!

What kind of turtle is black and orange and has a smooth shell?

either a red eared slider or an eastern box turtle.

What kind of food you give to red eared slider turtle?

Turtle pellets, feeder fish, fruits, etc.

How do you find out if a turtle is a slider turtle?

well, a "slider turtle", or a red eared slider always has a red line where their ears would be. that's obviously how they get the name!

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

What is the best kind of turtle?

red eared slider are the est turtles as pets.but if you are keeping a mud turtle feed it earthworms.

What happen if a red ear slider turtle egg stays in water?

It dont matter what kind of turtle is it...if they stay in the water; the turtle will not form and therefor it will not hatch.

Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle mate with a Eastern Painted Turtle?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle. But, if they were to try, it would probably be a similar species of water turtle like an Eastern Painted Turtle or a Map turtle.

What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Clown Fish, they love red eared slider turtle.

What is the cost of red eared slider turtle?

when i bought my red eared slider turtle in turtle shack.comit was$12.00.but i dont know if they are cheaper.

Can you put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider?

YES, you can put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider.

How can you tell what kind of turtle it is?

If the Ear has a long red spot on the side of it's head it is a red ear slider If the shell is a squared it is a box turtle

What kind of turtle has red spot behind his eye?

The kind of turtle that has a red spot behind his eye is a red-eared slider. The turtles often live near or in bodies of water.

What type of turtle is Franklin?

He kind of looks like Verne from over the hedge... he might be a Box Turtle in general or maybe some species of slider.

Is a slider turtle an invertebrate?

No they are not, they are Vertebrates

How can you tell when a red eared slider turtle is happy?

For info on this, visit the related link 'How to keep a red eared slider turtle happy'.

Can a red eared slider turtle sleep out of water?

Why not it is not called a water turtle.

What is a Yellow eared slider?

It is an aquatic turtle.

What kind of turtles can mate with red ear slider turtles?

It can only mate with it's own kind because if they mate with another turtle not the same type the baby turtle will not be healthy so they should only mate with there own kind


It's probably a red eared slider turtle. But it also have to have red on the sides of it's head. It may also be a Reeves turtle. They have longer tails and no red under their eares

What kind of turtle has an orange stripe along it's neck?

The turtle that you are thinking of is probably a red or yellow eared slider, and they could both be easily confused with the colour orange! These are both common turtle species.

What is a yellowbelly slider?

A yellowbelly slider is a species of turtle, Latin name Trachemys scripta scripta.

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