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not sure of all makes but they were widely used on 80-82 camaros and similar F-bodies (firebird etc) I have a 1977 Firebird I pulled my complete 350 engine from a 1978 Camaro and with it came a 4bbl Q-Jet by Carter. The owner of the camaro said that is what the car came with and it was all original. Hope that helps.

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Q: What kind of vehicle would a GMC Q-Jet carb by Carter come from?
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What would be the best carter carb for Plymouth 361CID engine?

a 600 or 650 CFM. carb will work great on that engine.

What causes a 1983 jeep cj5 258 engine with carter bbd carb to start and then quit?

the carter carb, they suck. get a weber. you'll thank me later.

How would you change the air-fuel ratio in an engine?

on a computer controlled vehicle you have to reprogram the computer and on an older vehicle with a carburetor you have to change the jets in the carb.

Why is fuel coming out of the vacuum canister of my Isuzu Rodeo?

Not knowing what year the vehicle is and assuming you mean the "EVAP charcoal canister", if the vehicle has a carburetor, I would suspect the carb is flooding.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1976 350 with a 4 barrel carter carb?

If this truck does have a carter carb,chances are it shouldn't .I am a licensed mechanic and haven't personally ever heard of a 70's chev small block ever using a carter . Regardless, the filter should be somewhere inline ,due to the carter not having an internal filter .Like the rochester carbs.

What is a blower intake for?

to get more air in to the carb, rather than having to come in from the front of the vehicle, it goes through the blower to the carb

I have a 1993 1500 2wd with a 350 5.7 tbi i want to change it from a tbi to a Carb i was told it could be done an im wanting to do it i dont know what type of carb i nee any answers would help?

It sounds as though you have no experience with this type of work, which will make the project much more difficult to complete. You would want a small carb such as a 600 Edelbrock or similar. And you would likely need to purchase an intake manifold that can accept a carb. The fuel pump requirements for a carb are much different than a tbi, so you'll need to change that. The vehicle would not meet emission requirements, so you may have a problem getting the vehicle inspected. Every state has it's own rules.

Can you have chickpeas on a no carb diet?

No, you would not have chickpeas on a no carb diet.

Adaptations to vehicle to make it run on E85 fuel?

If your vehicle has electronic fuel injection: If your vehicle has a carb:

Which Holley carb is optimized for my vehicle?

Well, I would recommend replacing carburetors with any products manufactured by Holley carb because they offer a variety of products for a variety of carburetors and products. They also offer their products for a great price.

Where is the carburater on a 1998 tracker?

a 1998 Tracker would be fuel injected and not have a carb.a 1998 Tracker would be fuel injected and not have a carb.

Why would flames come out of your carburetor when trying to start your engine?

AnswerSounds to me that your vehicle is off time. Check the timing on it. If the timing is off it will backfire through the carb and also if it is cross wired (firing order wrong) it will backfire through the carb.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1985 Buick Riviera?

Fuel injected? check under vehicle follow the fuel line from tank Carb? In the inlet line of the carb.

What 4 barrell carb should your 1988 4x4 Dodge 360 have on it stock?

Its a Carter Thermoquad. Essentially, its a 3 pc. 4 bbl Carter with the top plate/bottom plate made from metal like a reg. carb but the center section is made from Thermo plastic..thus the Thermoquad name.

Could the O2 sensor cause the carb to load up on my 1994 Chevy pickup with a 350 engine?

You don't have a carb on that vehicle, it is throttle body fuel injected.

What kind of carburetor do you need for 350 chevy truck สป77?

The oem is a Rochester Quadrajet, but you could also use a Holley, Carter or Edelbrock, among others. It would be best to pick a carb that you or someone you know and trust knows how to tune. In the alternative, buy a book on tuning the carb of your choice.

How do you adjust the carb on a Chevy 2.8 liter fuel injection v6?

There is not a carb on a fuel injected vehicle. It has a throttle body. the amount of air to fuel ratio is controlled by the computer.

2000 Chevy Blazer it doesnt start unless you open the air flow to the carb?

This vehicle does not have a carb. The fault is likely with the mass air flow sensor or something of the like.

Is watermelon considered a good carb or a bad carb?

Watermelon would be considered a "good" carb. However, do not have too much fruit if you are counting carbohydrates.

How many hours will it take to do an engine swap?

It depends on your skill level, what engine you are replacing with what engine, what vehicle you are removing from and putting in, tools, and how much time you have. Is it EFI or carb? Are you going from carb to EFI? Carb to EFI? It can take a day or it can take a year lol.

Is a quadrajet or a Holley better on gas mileage?

This is a difficult question. The easy answer is the qjet is better on mileage. But there are so many variables that its really hard to consider one or the other being better for all engines. Your 'typical' qjet - 750-800cfm spreadbore, to a 750-800 holley squarebore. Both of these carbs are more complicated to tune than an edelbrock, and both will likely give more power. Edelbrock will likely give the best transition when the secondaries come on. Holleys being more complicated also have more tuning capabilities (about the same as a qjet, and both more than the edelbrock), and being that the bores are the same size, when the secondaries open up the power is a nicer transition than the qjet. The rochester qjet (thermoquad is carters equivalent) has smaller primaries because it is a spreadbore. This means when driving around 90% of the time in a street car, you use less gas per cfm. Holleys are still being developed today, they offer many goodies and some safety features you wouldn't find in a remanufactured qjet. I much prefer holleys on an engine which couldn't use the cfm flow of the big qjet in the first place. Now when we're talking about 383 ci and bigger (or a really thumping 350) I would take the qjet for the street. Basically, if your engine size, cam, intake, etc cannot use 750-800 cfm, there's no point in getting the qjet. Also the qjet, having larger secondaries will really make some noise and you'll feel the power coming on harder when the secondaries open up. This isn't saying it makes more power, just how it is. (mechanical secondaries will give more kick, so again you can have similar results with a holley with nicer transition - better torque curve) Edelbrocks to me are weekend warrior or general mechanic carbs, someone who doesn't want to spend the time or money to learn how to tune correctly.. The downside with chosing those is holleys are going to make more power for about the same money. The downside with holley is you may have to spend a few hundred $$ on gauges, tuning tools and supplies, and start educating yourself on how an engine and carbs work. And if you have that hopped up cam, you may want to consider the holley for free top end hp. There are a number of aftermarket companies that have sprang up and based their designs on holleys. Quickfuel, proform, and a handful of others. Some of these advertise better power, but who knows. Seems to me they're all just the same as a racing style holley without choke or choke horn etc. If you know how to work around a carb and tune already, then grab a qjet and put it on the engine of the correct size. Now you've got some big power and some reasonable mileage. If your car is a 1/4 mile or track car, get the holley. If I remember correct, holley did make some smaller spreadbore carburetors for marine applications. You could look into those for even better mileage on a smaller engine, say a v6 or small v8. If you could not find a spreadbore for those sizes, get a smaller cfm holley it will be more efficient and similar mileage as the qjet. I haven't even discussed vacuum advance vs mechanical and dual pump vs single accelerator, different style chokes etc there are a lot of variables to consider, and that's not even talking about the drivetrain/engine/vehicle the carb is in other thing to consider is if you have a really lead foot and you're going into and out of the secondaries all the time, a squarebore may have better mileage than a spreadbore. Think a crazy teenage driver here.

Ran out of gas now the car will not start?

Fuel injected? Try turning key to "on" position without trying to start vehicle for about 10 seconds. Do this twice to prime fuel pump. Carb.? Try pouring a "very small" amount of gasoline into carb., then try to start vehicle

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1982 Buick Park Avenue?

If it has a carb. It is in the inlet line of the carb. If fuel injected Look under vehicle along frame rail - follow the fuel line from the tank

How would the performance change if you changed from a 2 barrel carb to a 4 barrel carb on a stock Chevy 400ci?

A four barrel carb usually adds about 20 hp.

Where is the fuel filter located 1977 corvette?

From the factory, the fuel filter would be in the Q-jet carb. You have to disconnect the fuel line at the carb and remove that housing on the carb. Filter is inside.