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What kind of vehicle would a GMC Q-Jet carb by Carter come from?


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2004-09-13 14:22:26
2004-09-13 14:22:26

not sure of all makes but they were widely used on 80-82 camaros and similar F-bodies (firebird etc) I have a 1977 Firebird I pulled my complete 350 engine from a 1978 Camaro and with it came a 4bbl Q-Jet by Carter. The owner of the camaro said that is what the car came with and it was all original. Hope that helps.


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a 600 or 650 CFM. carb will work great on that engine.

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the carter carb, they suck. get a weber. you'll thank me later.

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on a computer controlled vehicle you have to reprogram the computer and on an older vehicle with a carburetor you have to change the jets in the carb.

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Not knowing what year the vehicle is and assuming you mean the "EVAP charcoal canister", if the vehicle has a carburetor, I would suspect the carb is flooding.

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If this truck does have a carter carb,chances are it shouldn't .I am a licensed mechanic and haven't personally ever heard of a 70's chev small block ever using a carter . Regardless, the filter should be somewhere inline ,due to the carter not having an internal filter .Like the rochester carbs.

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