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what programs are starting? internet explorer? downloaders? its impossible to give you an answer if you dont know what programs...

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What is the max registry cleaner?

The Max Registry Cleaner is a Windows registry optimizer tool. Max Registry Cleaner can help boost a computers speed, fix errors and cleans system clutter, prevents crashes and freezes, and has registry defragment and backup.

Whats the difference between a firewall and a antivirus system?

AnswerA firewall is a software componet that regulates the internet use of programs already installed on your system. Most firewalls do only that. However, there is something called a 2 way firewall. A 2 way firewall is a firewall that scans files being downloaded to your computer and stops unauthorized programs from using your internet connection to visit websites. Why is a 2 way firewall best. Well it helps to stop the potentially harmful code or malware as it usually called from infecting your computer. By anti virus system you must mean anti virus software. Anti virus software is programs that try to search for, find and remove or neutrilize a virus.A simple firewall like the Windows Firewall in XP and Vista protects you from outside attack by making your computer's ports invisible to outsiders and by refusing to accept incoming data packets that were not requested. Third-party personal firewalls also control which programs can use your Internet connection to contact sites outside your computer - so they offer two-way protection.An antivirus utility scans the files and Registry on your computer to detect and remove viruses and other malicious software. Its realtime component prevents malicious programs from installing or launching in the first place.The two are quite different and both necessary.

Which one of programs can be used to change the Registry in Windows?

regedit exe

Is it necessary to uninstall antivirus to use registry cleaner?

No. However, some anti-virus programs can detect registry cleaners as threats. Use registry cleaners at your own risk. They can delete legitimate registry cleans, thus breaking your system.

What is the so-called Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is a crucial component of any Windows operating system. The Windows Registry contains information about the software configuration of all programs on the system.

Which types of programs are used to perform a registry scan for Windows 7?

The programs that are used to perform a registry scan in Windows 7 are ones that are all installed as part of the windows 7 installation. They are usually executable files and they work by checking that the registry has files it ought to have and that it does not have virus or malware files.

Is it safe to use comodo free firewall and free online armour firewall at the same time?

I don't think so. These will cause errors. I recommend you to use only 1 firewall/Security Software. Running two firewall and/or Security software can cause torrid slow down of PC and internet connection. These two programs create registry keys and share 1 service at the same time. The service that they use may crash frequently when these two are used.

What program gives the best registry fix?

There are many registry fix programs to clean up your computers files and help it run more efficiently. One program is called Registry Fix and is found online.

Which two windows programs allow you to edit the registry?

command prompt and control panel

What does Free Registry Fix allow you to do?

"It essentially cleans up the hidden registry in your computer, witch holds records of what each program is allowed to access or do. It is dangerous to use such programs, however, as each computer's registry is different."

What are some programs that clean up the computer registry?

One can download 'Warp Registry Cleaner' to clean their registry. The program takes just a few minutes to download, is free and won't delete important files and information.

What are registry editors and how do they work?

Registry editors are designed to help you install and run programs. They will pop up to let you know that there is a problem if something is not working right on your computer.

How do you clear registry in computers?

You really don't want to clear the registry, as your computer will no longer work. Instead, you want to clean the registry of old entries or leftovers from uninstalled programs, etc..Use a free program like CCleaner to do this.

What is an registy fix and how will it prevent viruses?

A registry fix is going into the operating system's registry and deleting or adding commands to the start up programs. This should only be done by a knowledgeable person, and may help prevent viruses by disabling certain programs.

Where can I get my CNA degree ?

This site offers a free listing of CNA training programs You can also contact your state registry for a listing of accredited CNA training programs in your area. The contact information for the state registry can also be found on this site.

What is the registry in windows?

the registry is where all the settings for windows and other apps are stored. this is a very important place for windows. sometimes when you uninstall programs, things in the registry are not deleted thet should be. it is a good idea to get a propgram to clean your registry once in a while or it could lead to a slow computer.

How do you change registry settings?

Using the regedit utility tool.Programmatically.Import a registry key.Use a different registry editor, eg a registry cleaner.Install a program.Warning:If you do not know much about computers or the registry settings, it is recommended that you do not change the settings as you could cause your computer to crash and/or be unable to start up. Even seemingly minor changes can lead to programs not working correctly.1. You can go to "run" & then write "regedit" there. The Registry Editor program will open to the root key. Using the interface, you can change your registry settings there.2. Use code to examine, insert, delete or change registry keys3. Have a registry file, and import it. Your computer may be set-up to automatically import keys upon clicking on such a file.4. There are many Registry Cleaner programs out there which can change registry settings. Warning, many are fake and are in fact malware/scareware designed to get you to buy programs or give out your information.5. Installing a program generally changes some registry settings automatically. This depends on the program.

What are the problem occurred if user enable the firewall in their computer?

Actually, there should be no problem that will occur if someone enables Firewall. But opening 2 or more foreign Firewall is dangerous. It can crash up Service and registry key. Base Filtering Engine service can be corrupted if does.

How will window registry cleaner help make it run better?

The Windows registry cleaner will help make a computer run quicker and more smoothly by removing unused and old registry files. When programs are uninstalled they often leave behind registry files that are not needed and can slow the computer down.

How can you remove Uniblue Registry Booster?

go to remove programs click on uniblue registry booster cyber defender and click uninstall OR DOWNLOAD CCleaner . GO TO TOOLS - SELECT UNIBLUE REGISTRY BOOSTER - AND THEN ON THE RIGHT SIDE ''RUN UNINSTALLER''.......

How often does a registry cleaner have to be run?

Experts are in disagreement over the benefits and necessity of registry cleaners. Many feel that you never need to run a registry cleaner. Years ago, registry cleaners were more correctly referred to as registry repair programs. They repaired Windows Registry issues that caused computer problems. Registry cleaners resolve or remove registry issues involving invalid entries, missing file references or broken links. Further clouding the issue is that malware and scareware are often associated with certain registry cleaners.

You have two drives on your Sony Vaio laptop Can you move files or programs from one drive to the other?

Files (not critical to running programs)yes. Programs no.(There are a bunch of registry files that usually need to be set which happens when you install a program (that's one of the reasons it takes so long)) these Registry files have information on the paths to the program files so if you move the program files the registry entries will not find the program files and the program will not work.Uninstall the programs and reinstall pointing to the other disk as location (some programs will not let you do this so you are stuck!)Some programs that are just a single .exe file will be movable.

Why do some programs request that you restart your computer to complete installation?

Well, most programs do actually so that the registry keys can be updated and encoded with your new system.

Do you Dr Phil support or endorse PC tools and their programs such as spyware dr and registry mechanic?

yes he does

Why to clean registry?

Beginning with Windows XP and beyond, it is notnecessary to "clean" the registry, and can often cause more harm than good. The many "registry cleaner" programs available prey on people's fears. The best of them probably do no harm. None of them do a bit of good.