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Mechanical waves require a medium.


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Sound waves, they need a medium to vibrate.A2. Earthquake waves and other mechanical waves also need a medium for their transmission.Ghv. Tsunamis are a type of mechanical wave, which is the kind of wave you're looking for.

Sound waves, ocean waves and seismic (earthquake) waves need a medium

sound waves, water waves, shockwaves need mediums. Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium

Mechanical waves need a medium to travel in

Mechanical waves require a medium, as opposed to electromagnetic waves which can travel through a vacuum.

Mechanical waves.For example, sound waves, ocean waves, etc.Many waves need a medium to travel: sound waves, water waves, and seismic waves.Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium.

No...electromagnetic waves require no medium

Electro-Magnetic Waves don't need any medium.

No, they are Electromagnetic waves and can travel through a vacuum. They do not need a medium.

radio waves do not need a medium to travel through.

Electromagnetic waves don't need anything to travel. This kind of waves does not need a medium to move through, therefore they can even travel through outer space.

Some waves called mechanical waves e.g sound need a medium to travel through while electromagnetic waves need no medium to travel through e.g light

Sound (compression) waves.

All types of waves need a medium in order to propagate, with the exceptions of electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves.

Yes.Yes, sound waves do require a medium to travel through.Yes.They are pressure waves - and they need something (medium) to compress and rarefy.Yes. Sound waves are compression waves. If there's no medium, there's nothing there to compress!

Yes, it travels in waves, but it doesn't need a medium.

Those waves which required medium for propagation are called mechanical waves. e.g sound waves,they need medium i.e solid liquid or gas ,to propagate. They cant travel through vacuum. hope u understand that!!

Yes, water is the medium

Waves need a medium to propagate themselves through. The waves generated on a pond by a falling droplet need a medium, in this case its the very water of the pond. Sound waves can propagate both though a water medium or an air medium for example. Electromagnetic waves are an exception in that they do not need a medium to propagate through (the can propagate through the void of interstellar space).

light waves do not need a medium. Electromagnetic Waves (EM) do not need a medium. For example visible light, radio waves, microwaves, UV light and x-rays do not. These travel @ 300 million meters/sec in a vacuum.

Yes, mechanical waves need a medium. Electromagnetic wavs however, do not. Your welcome :)

Electromagnetic waves, as well as gravitational waves.

No, only surface and mechanical waves need a medium, compressional waves can travel through space. (Such as light from the Sun).I think light (EM) waves are the only ones that can travel through a vacuum. Sound waves require a medium.

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