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Chalk. You get better grip when you chalk up and it toughens your hands, giving you your own natural set of gloves. You can use rock climbing chalk or powerlifting chalk, it's basically the same thing.

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Wearing gloves while weight training helps prevent injuries to the wrist and hands. Some brands that are great for this are New Grip gloves these have little ridges that prevent slipping when picking up the heavy weight and Crossfit Gloves come highly recommended.

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Q: What kind of weight training gloves are best for heavy lifting?
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Should weight belts be used during weight training?

Yes. It is advisable to use weight belts for back support during weight training, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. As long as you are lifting light and working out for only fitness, you need not bother about belts but if you are a serious/hard core body builder, then a belt is a must for you.

Do the Harbinger Men's Black Pro Wash & Dry Lifting Gloves give good grip?

The Harbinger gloves have a lot of stick and work very well for heavy lifting in warehouses and the like.

A weightlifter lifting a heavy weight uses?

Uses force

What shoud you do before you life a heavy object?

Befopre you lift a heavy object:understand the weight of the objectGet help in lifting it if necessaryassume an appropriate posture for lifting

Does Heavy weight-lifting cause memory loss?

Simply- Of course not.

What is the correct Procedure for Manually lifting a Heavy weight?

Lift with your knees, not your back.

What can caused headaches while you do weight training exercises?

If you have high blood pressure heavy weight lifting can cause headache's as well as using improper form to lift weights over your head can sometimes give you a headache.

What are exercise gloves used for?

Exercise gloves are most typically used in activities that may involve stress on lifting heavy weights. They may prevent blistering of the hands from repetitive exercise.

Is lifting a feather work?

Yes, yes it is. Even though it may nt be heavy, the feather has weight and your hand lifting it is the force.

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Does lifting weights bulk your muscles?

Light Weight, High Rep = Tone, Heavy Weight, less rep = bulk.