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Short answer: Sprints.

Long answer: You should probably start by increasing your endurance, since practicing long runs will make a short sprint seem easy by comparison. You want to reach full velocity right away and sustain it for the entire sprint, so practice at a lower speed over greater distances until your sprints do not present any exhaustion challenge. The Swedish method for doing this is called Fartlek, and despite sounding silly, it is a good way to train. You basically jog for a while, then speed up and do a short sprint, then resume jogging. This way, you improve endurance while working in a few sprints while you go. Ultimately, to get a better top speed, what you want to do is run as fast as you can, and then go a little faster than that. So the only way to improve your sprint is by sprinting. But endurance runs and fartlek may help develop your muscles more. You might also try biking or ellipticals to work muscle groups that, though involved in running, are not the focus of the exercise. These will help too.

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Something you can do to improve your running is to practice your form, when you have a good form running it will seem much easier. You can also do a heel raise, hip joint extension and a hip joint flexion .

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Running up hill or up stairs is a workout that will strengthen leg muscles and increase your speed in running.

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Q: What kind of workouts will increase my speed in running?
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