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Tall and charming guys with good attributes.

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he kinda likes girly girls but kinda likes tom boys

Ummm kinda i don't really know.

some girls do but most of them like the punk or rock kind of people or kinda nice responsible boys

Well. Bad boys can like good girls. Because they are oddly attracted to them wondering how do they act so GOOD? Kinda like the saying opposites atract

Why do boys like girls? Why do girls like boys?

well kinda but i would like to see their face

i think boys like boys and girls like girls because they are crazy and not smart in the head

Well you know the saying: Boys will be boys. So yeah kinda. But girls are just as silly as boys.

wwell kinda.................................. girls like boys who tell the truth and when they cry for real not just whining trying to get people to notice them....... in other words show off well hoped it helped

Kinda like how girls do except they put their hand in like a "c" shape and go back and forth

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys was created on 2010-12-07.

why do girls like to get boys in trouble

It would be hard to produce girls if boys didn't kinda takes two!

No, otherwise they would be called 'Boys Like Girls AND Boys".

It depends on the boy. Boys can have different types of girls they like. Some boys like tom boys and some like girly girls.

Yes !! boys like girls are amazing

No she don't like girls , but she do like boys

You can't MAKE a girl like you she makes her own choices but girls like funny,sweet,kinda mean and cute boys!

Boys like girls butt or boobs

no if they like boys and girls they r by though

Do boys like cute girls

Boys Like Girls was created in 2005.

no... sometime girls can be stronger than boys and sometimes boys can be stronger than girls... it kinda depends on their health

During puberty, hormones change and it means that boys and girls get attracted, not that they know it.

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