Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Chernobyl Disaster

What kinds of pollution did The Chernobyl Disaster cause?

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Yes, after the 1986 (April 26th) disaster (highest level on the 7-scale) it has polluted a wide area with radioactive material deposit of all kinds.

Air pollution, water pollution, and gases

In places such as China they have a lot of pollution including heavy metals in the water which cause cancer and kidney stones.

Land pollution can affect wildlife, plants, and humans in a number of ways. It can cause problems in the respitory system, cause problems on the skin, leads to birth defects, or can cause various kinds of cancers.

air pollution which is gas and stuff and land pollution which is litering.

All Kinds Of Transport Like Buses, Cars and Trains Come Under Electrical Gadget Range Only Because Some How Or The Other These Are Being Helped By Electricity And so They Cause Pollution.

There are an unlimited number of different kinds of pollution. There is air pollution, garbage pollution, water pollution and so much more.

the pollution that limestone creates is calcium carbonate there fore creates acid rain wich destroy the wild life for example trees,plants and animals

that dosent make sence there are many kinds of pollution in the world like litering or for trowing trash in the waters

Two kinds of Water pollution is acid and garbage.

Water Pollution , Air Pollution .. Hope it will help

These environmental problems are such as water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and many more kinds of pollution.

the pollution on Mount Fuji is said to be 2 kinds of pollution which are 1.Air pollution and 2.ancient pollution which is was on the mountain since the ancient times

disaster for example floods causes the wood houses to be damaged and water flow over the houses.Bridges are made of softy wood so they are easily broken down.People suffer Lot by these kinds of loses.

pollution from big industrys and factorys also some cars let off pollution that can harm trees.

plants do not give of pollution because they release O2 (which is oxygen)

what kind of pollution do you find in south africa and hou can we protect the planet

soem kinds of pollution could effect your breathing, damage your lungs and end up to your death.

All kinds of pollution you can find on modern societies: water pollution, smog, noise and litter are some of them.

There are four main kinds of groundwater pollution: natural, agricultural, industrial, and individual.

On Earth, there are a few kinds of pollution:Noise, Garbage, Toxic Wastes, Chemicals, Toxic Gases.

There are three main pollutions the three main ones im going to tell you are, Waste and Recycling , Air Pollution, and an often Noise Pollution.

Two of the many kinds of pollution are air pollution and water pollution. Air pollution is caused when chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, get released into the air and go towards the atmosphere. Water pollution is caused when waste products and contaminants get released and get into rivers, causing groundwater, liquid spills, waste water discharges, and littering. I got this answer at wikipedia I you on whatever you are doing.

Literally all animals are affected by pollution. Pollution destroys habitats of all kinds and kills untold numbers of animals every single day.

The 5 major types of pollution are gases, noise, garbage, high-powered waste, and chemicals.

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