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Artic Rocks

Meteorites, mainly. On top of and in the ice.

wow..... yes there are rocks in the arctic, and they're not mainly meteorites,,,, there are sidementary and volcanic rocks, metamorphic rocks, and some intursive rocks ( that doesn't mean they're metiorites)

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none, the arctic is mainly and solely compose of of ice with 90% of it's ice beneath the water.

in another word, other than ice, and few animals living on the ice, you're not gonna find any rocks. The closest island compose of rocks other than ice will be in north of Canada and Greenland

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Q: What kinds of rocks are found in the arctic?
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What types of rocks are found in the hudsons bay arctic lowlands?

The Hudson Bay-Arctic Lowlands has sedimentary and igneous rocks.

What kinds of rocks and minerals are found in sag ponds?

what kinds of rocks and minerals are in tectonic plates sag ponds

What kinds of fish are found in the Arctic Ocean?

artic fish

What kinds of rocks are found in volcanoes?

Igneous rock is found in volcanoes.

What kinds of rocks have scientists found in volcanoes?

Igneous rock can be found.

Which kinds of rocks and minerals are found in the great pyramid?

The primary building material of the Great Pyramid of Giza is limestone blocks, quarried locally in Egypt. Granite was used for some interior chambers and parts of the structure. Other minerals and rocks such as basalt and gypsum can also be found in smaller quantities within the pyramid.

Different kinds of rocks and its picture?

There are 3 main kinds of rocks. These 3 types of rocks are Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary and pictures can be found in books at your local library.

What rock is quartz found in?

quartz can be found in different kinds of rocks-for example it can be found in granite, metamorphic rocks. hope this helped. by Karina

What types of rocks are in the arctic tundra?

The Tundra is a geo-climatic region, not a geological region. Therefore all types and ages of rocks are found across the resign of the arctic Tundra.

What are Arctic rocks?

The Arctic is a mass of floating ice, so there are no rocks.

How are moon rocks similar to and different rocks on earth?

Minerals that make up moon rocks are the same minerals that are found on Earth. Some moon rocks have minerals that combine to form kinds of rocks that are not found on Earth. BlueStar(:

Why the rocks found near a volcano are different from the rocks found in the beach?

The rocks near a volcano are usually volcanic in origin, formed from molten rock that has cooled and solidified. These rocks are often rich in minerals like basalt or obsidian. In contrast, beach rocks are typically sedimentary or metamorphic rocks that have eroded from land areas and been transported by water to the shore, like sandstone or limestone.