What kinds of spirits are the Chinese people trying to frighten by setting of these firecrackers?

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Evil spirits
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How do you set the clock on a Dodge Spirit?

Answer . \nI own a 1003 dodge spirit and i just figured this out last week. repeatedly press the set button until it displays either the hour or the minute side and then use the tuner knob (the knob that you use to change stations) to adjust the time. then hit set when your finished.

How did the Phoenicians try to frighten off other sea travelers?

Phoenicians' monsters . The Phoenicians adorned their ships' front portion with huge shapes of sea monsters and other fearsome looking mythical creatures, that the people of those days believed could endanger their lives.. The sight of such creatures in the middle of the sea had the other sea t ( Full Answer )

Why do people turn pale when they are frightened?

Answer . part of the sympathetic responce is to decrease blood flow to the skin. (also decreases flow to the viscera, but you can't see that. It therefore leaves more blood for the muscles.)

What kind of food does Chinese people eat?

Different regions in China eat different things. Southern region (i.e. Canton, Hong Kong etc) diets are sweeter and the staple food is rice. Northern regions (Beijing, Shanghai etc) usually have saltier tastes with wheat-type staple foods i.e. breads, buns, noodles etc. Sze Chuan is famous for their ( Full Answer )

What kind of meat do Chinese people eat?

Chinese eat a large variety of meat. Usually, it is pork, but a Chinese proverb says "The Chinese eat everything on four legs except a table and everything with wings except an aeroplane". However, meat is not usually consumed in everyday diet, being that it is harder for them to find meat.

What are the settings in touching spirit bear?

the setting is the court in Minneapolis and the island that Cole had to stay on. in this book the there are only two places this book takes place. one place is in Minneapolis mainly at the circle of justice and where Cole was put when taken into custody. otherwise the story takes place is on the isl ( Full Answer )

What day are firecrackers set in the UK?

Firecrackers - or Fireworks as they are called in England are set off on November 5th each year. This is to commemorate the anniversary of the failed attempt by Guido Fawkes and his accomplices to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London, along with it's members of that parliament and the Monarchy ( Full Answer )

What is a set aside spirit?

The Bible uses the word "holy" to describe those who are "set aside" for God. This means that they have been claimed by God, cleansed from their sins and dedicated to a life of service to Him. This is how the Bible describes all Christians.

Firecracker is an example of what kind of energy transformation?

Chemical to Kinetic. The energy in the chemicals is released by combustion and the chemicals breakdown to simpler components and in the meantime the exothermic heat causes rapid expansion of the materials and the air around it: chemical energy becomes motion energy.sooo in that case you should have ( Full Answer )

Will a firecracker set off c-4 exsplosive?

Noop. C-4 requires a HIGH-ORDER explosive (detonation wave) toexplode. This is usually provided by a blasting cap, detonationcord or another high-order explosive. Technically, a firecracker doesn't explode, it "deflagrates" (burnsvery, very quickly)

Why do people defacate when frightened?

For the same reason that most animals do, to lighten their weight to allow more speed and distance when running for their lives.

What kind of food do Chinese people eat for a starter?

China is a nation of over 1,000,000,000 people who eat many, many different regional foods, so it is almost impossible to give a complete answer to this. One common first course at dinner is soup of some kind. This might be a corn and chicken chowder, egg drop soup, won ton soup, pork intestine s ( Full Answer )

Do Chinese people try to hide their children?

Yes because if you have more than 2 kids in China, you have to pay a hefty fine for each kid you have after the 2nd. They don't want to pay the fine, they hide their kids.

How do you draw a Chinese firecracker?

This is my way of drawing it. Find a picture of a Chinese firecraker. Make the photo huge so you can see the designs better. I like to try to see if I can find lines of the Firecraker. From there I'd try to draw it.

What are the Chinese trying to do with Vietnam today?

Nothing has made the news lately. The last big drama they had was back in '79 or so, when Red China tried to teach the former NVA a lesson (some sort of border dispute). Communist China should have taken a lesson from their own training manuals...never underestimate the enemy: the NVA had just survi ( Full Answer )

Why are firecrackers are popular at Chinese New Year?

Chinese people have a legend from a long time ago that explains their new year celebration. Firecrackers came from this legend. Basically, the villagers from a long time ago were frightened from a monster in the mountains. After a while, they found out tat the monster is terribly afraid of lound noi ( Full Answer )

Do the Chinese people speak Chinese?

Of course they speak Chinese! Chinese is not a language, it's a family of languages. Of thisfamily, Mandarin is the one spoken by the most people (around750million) Comment: I'm living in mainland China. They're a lot of languages in China,but now the governmentimplements only Mandarin as offi ( Full Answer )

What kind of mood is set as the people of Maycomb prepare for the trial?

It was a huge day for all of Alabama. Scout compares it to Saturday because many people from the South passed her home that day. Scout also says it is like a gala occasion. Everyone was interested in the trial, curious about the result when they already knew it. The black people sat on one side,quie ( Full Answer )

What frighten you?

Some common fears are fear of pain, embarrassment, suffering of others, and uncertainty. That's just about it.

What kind of alphabet do Chinese people use?

Written Chinese is not an alphabetic script. [1] Rather, it is a logographic script based on Chinese characters, though there also exist alphabetic systems to transcribe spoken Chinese.. Good Characters' Chinese Alphabet Set . A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. ( Full Answer )

Why were some people in the past frightened by eclipses?

In the past when people did not understand astronomy , when the sun was blotted out in an eclipse they thought that the world was coming to an end . simply because, the sun was being blacked out. Day would turn to night, without the knowledge we have now that would be very frighting

What day are firecrackers set off on?

Firecrackers are set off on a number of different holidays throughout the year. The most common days in the United States include Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and New Year's Eve.

Why people frightened of sharks?

because people think sharks are killing machines but they only attack you because they think your a seal or their favourite food

How did Scrooge try to get rid of the Spirit?

This refers to the Ghost of Christmas Past who has a flameemulating from its heal which is used to light teh way in Scroogespast life. Scrooge takes a Lamp extinguisher which is carried bythe Ghost and forces it over the ghosts flame putting out the lightand extinguishing the ghost as well

When is it now traditional to set of a firecracker?

There are many occasions where firecrackers or fireworks are set off, usually in celebration of an event, such as New Year's Eve, Independence day, Chinese Lunar New Year and even individual's Birthdays.

Why were people so frightened of Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan was a very feared and frightening man. People tended to be afraid of him because he was a fierce ruler who would kill any man who would stand in his way, then take his victim's wives as his own. It is speculated that Genghis Khan is an ancestor of 1 out of every 200 people living today. ( Full Answer )