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What kinds of writing are in the bible?

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People wrote The Bible using Hebrew and Greek languages mainly to write the original Bible

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What kinds of writing is in the Bible?

History, poetry, etc.

Kinds of technical writing?

kinds of technical writing

Is the a sacred writing in the Bible?

The bible is considered a sacred text.

What is a writing composition?

Composition refers the act of writing. It can be any type of writing such as story writing, essay writing, and other kinds of writing.

What kinds of writing did scribes do?


Who was Luke writing to in the Bible?


What kinds of music is Johann Sebastian Bach famous for writing?

He was famous for writing minuets

What are the key writing of christianity?

The Holy Bible.

What is the writing sacred to Jews and Christians?

The Bible...

What kinds of writing can you find in the bible?

Biography, prescriptive epistles, lamentations, legal code, wisdom literature, poetic works, and prophetic works, according to the link below.

Does the format for writing matter?

Yes! There are so many kinds of writing to consider and they differ drastically.

Where is a List of the sermons of Paul in the Bible?

In the bible it might be in the back of the bible or in the books paul wrote when he was writing to the churchs from prison.

Who was writing the Bible in the time of Jesus Christ?

The bible was written into the book form after the death of Jesus.

Who inspires the writing of the Bible?

the Lord and the Holy Spirit

What is the christian holy writing called?

The Holy Bible!

How many different kinds of flowers are mentioned in the Bible?


Which kinds of writing were found on the Rosetta stone?

it was a shopping lis

What are the three kinds of writing in Egypt?

arabic egyption and portugeese

Kinds of editorial writing?

There are four kinds of editorial writing that include editorials of persuasion or argument and editorials of interpretation or information. The other two are editorials of appreciation or tribute and editorials of entertainment.

What are the 5 types of writing?

The five kinds or type of writing are the following: 1.descriptive writing 2.expository writing 3.persuasive writing 4.narrative writing 5.imaginative writing I hpoe it can help a lot.. :)

Where else in the Bible is Esther mentioned besides the book after her name?

She is not mentioned in any other writing in the Bible.

What are the kinds of paragraph and their meaning?

there are many kinds of paragraph. there sre some in research statistics and some in essay writing.

Does bible have the suffix ible?

No. The word "bible" is from the Latin biblia (Greek biblion) meaning book, or writing.An adjective form of bible is biblical.

What style of writing was used in the Bible?

The first bibles were in Greek.

What religious writing has over 8000 verses?

The Holy Bible