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The kitchen appliance that holds cold and frozen food is called a refrigerator.

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Is a food mixer a kitchen tool?

One may refer to a food mixer as a kitchen tool, but possibly small appliance or kitchen equipment would be a better choice.

What kitchen appliance starts with the letter y?

The yogurt maker starts with the letter y. It is a kitchen appliance.

Where can I find more information about food processors?

A food processor is a special kitchen appliance used for slicing, grinding, chopping, and other kitchen tasks. It helps greatly eighth the kitchen work. It is not dangerous to health.

What is a kitchen appliance that starts with a?

A kitchen appliance that starts with the letter A would be an apple corer. This manual appliance is used to neatly and efficiently remove the core from an apple.

What exactly is a stove used for?

A stove is an appliance, usually located in a kitchen, that is used to cook food. The appliance heats either coils or a glass top to heat pots/pans placed on top with food placed in them.

Kitchen appliances that can be used in measuring volumes of liquid?

When saying "kitchen appliance" it usually means an electric appliance in the kitchen. There are a few electric kitchen appliances that have measurements listed on them, such as blenders, food processors, some stand mixing bowls, electric ice cream freezers, some coffee grinders and deep fat fryers.

How buy kitchen appliance and home appliance?

If You can buy home/kitchen appliances online or offline. Go to any appliance store and find your products and buy it. But it is a time overwhelming method.

What does kitchen appliance insurance cover?

Kitchen appliance insurance is meant to cover wear and tear and acts of God for large appliances such as ovens or refrigerators. Such insurance is typically purchased from the manufacturer of the appliance.

Is my television a major home appliance?

Not really,a television is a entertainment appliance,a major home appliance would be found in the kitchen.

Who are the maker of kitchen aid appliance?


What is an kitchen appliance that starts with a n?


What is a use of a food processer?

A food processor is an electronic kitchen appliance used to chopping,grinding and shredding or grating the vegetables, nuts and meat. It is similar to blender.

What is a kitchen appliance that starts with E?

espresso machine

What is a 10 letter word for kitchen appliance?


What Kitchen appliance that starts with h?

Hamilton Beach

What is 5 letter word for a kitchen appliance?


What kitchen appliance starts with the letter v?


What is a 4 letter word for kitchen appliance?


What kitchen appliance begins with the letter J?


Is a fish tank filter an appliance?

In a way but not best use of the term. Appliance implies kitchen device

What is a small kitchen appliance found in a kitchen but not a break room?

Rice cooker and waffle maker

What does the term 'garbage disposal' means?

The appliance under the kitchen sink that grinds food waste and puts it down the drain.

What is a kitchen appliance starting with a?

automatic brew coffee maker

What reptile has the same name as a large kitchen appliance?


What are some kitchen appliances that begin with the letter G?

Griddle is a kitchen appliance. It begins with the letter g.