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smart & intelligent

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good things make things tern out good in the end

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Q: What labels do other people apply to you?
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How do you find people collecting wine labels?

Wine labels are an important source of information regarding the win content, type and the origin of the wine. People collecting wine labels are like people collecting stamps. They should be treated with respect the same as other people.

How do you label Gmail?

Go to Gmail----> Settings-----> Labels----Create Labels You can add colors to the Labels too Also you can subgroup them. Easy You can directly apply labels to certain mails with a criteria created thru filters refer :-

Where online can I find computer printable canning labels that don't smear?

The smearing of your labels are more likely due to your printer than the labels you used. If you have a choice, use a laser printer, not an inkjet. If you only have access to inkjet then you can spray a finish over the labels before you apply them. You could also apply clear shipping tape over them to keep them from smearing.

Are there 2 types of people in the world?

There are a bunch of different types of people in the world, and lots of people like to divide people up into categories and apply labels, but at the core, we are all human, and we should learn to get along and work together. :)

Where can I find out how to produce paper labels?

If you aren't sure how to produce paper labels then a good place to find out is your local printers. They will do this for other people so will be able to give you good advice.

Can you think gay and still be straight?

If you wish. The only labels that matter are ones you apply to yourself.

How do food labels help people?

Food labels let people know what is in the container, the nutrition level, the expiration date, and the ingredients.

For what purpose do people collect Campbell soup labels?

People collect Campbell soup labels for a program called Campbell's Labels for Education. The schools collect the label and redeem them for educational resources to be used.

What books do goths read?

Reading tastes vary from person to person. There is no label that automatically tells you what books a person will like or dislike, and it can often be hurtful to apply labels to people to begin with.

Should fast food have warning labels?

Warning Labels should come with warning labels because it helps people know whats in it and makes them healthier.

What rapper paved the way for other rappers to be signed to major labels?

Kurtis Blow paved the way for other rappers to be signed to major labels.

How do you create a new folder with Gmail?

Gmail does not use a folder system. Instead they use a system called labels and you can apply multiple labels to one email. To create a label go to "settings" and click on the "labels" tab. Create a name for the label. To apply a label to an email click the checkbox for the email and click on "move to". Click on the label name and the label will be applied to the email.

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