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What lake do you find a red Gyarados in Pokemon diamond version?


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i think its well picutue lake


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you have 2 chances to get a red gyarados in Pokemon diamond: - Trade one from a copy of soul silver/ Heart gold - get lucky and find a shiny gyarados in the wild

A red gyarados is a shiny gyarados (however, the Pokemon Company did not call them shiny untill the Unova Region). You can find it wherever you can find a normal gyarados, but your chances to find it are very slim.

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

there is n no tm twister, but you can find the move on a gyarados

It is not possible to get the Red Gyarados in Pokémon Yellow version. You can only get it in Gold, Silver and Crystal version.

fish or surf on water but if that doesn't work evolve your magicarp

Not a pond as much as a lake. Lake of Rage.

In Pokemon Diamond Gyarados can be found in almost every body of water using the Super Rod. Alternatively you can catch a Magikarp and level it to 20 for it to evolve into a Gyarados.

you can find stunkys on diamond on route 214.

You can't get it in Pokemon diamond you can get it in soul silver or heart gold though and its a red shiney gyrados in the lake of rage.

You cannot catch a slowpoke,slowbro or slowking on diamond version. You can on Pokemon pearl version though.

There is no HM called dive in Pokemon Diamond you fat oaf.

Yes, as are all shiny pokemon. However, there's is a very small chance you will find one.

There is no official way to find a red gyarados. It is a shiny pokemon, and the possibility of finding one is 1/8192. That is why they are so valuable in trades, as they are rare and discolored.

No. Cobalion is a fifth generation Pokemon. Diamond Version is a fourth generation game.

Fishing at the lake from the lake where you recived your first pokemon! You strangely have a bigger chance at shiny

first you get the red gyarados then get a SHINY magipkarp that lays golgen eggs oh im connor on Pokemon

I think you can find them in the Pearl Version of Pokemon. Since I have the Diamond version of Pokemon I had to trade a Pokemon (wireless) to obtain a glameow.

You can get it from evolving it atrually or with a very hard to find moonstone I think, or you can also find them in Mt coronet hope this helps a lot! Pokemon diamond version for sure!

I think the best way to get an Eevee in Pokemon Diamond version is to find one in Trophy Garden and capture it from there.

you can only find that pokemnon in pearl version sorry

you cannot find a bulbasuar ,you can migrate from the leafgreen version

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