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"Et tu Brute" is a phrase in Latin meaning "and you, Brutus." It comes from Suetoneus, translating what he claims Caesar said in Greek, the Roman language of family tenderness. The other well known version of these very famous last words is Tu quoque fili, meaning You too, my boy.

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What does et tu brute mean how do these words relate to the theme of friendship in the play?

et tu brute means "And thou, Brutus?" or - You too Brutus?/How about you Brutus?

What are Caesar's dying words?

Et tu Brute?

Who said et tu brute?

Julius Caesar

What was Julius Caesars last words?

Et tu Brute?

How can you say 'Et tu Brute' in Japanese?

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Who says et tu brute in Julius Caesar?


As Caesar is stabbed who says et tu brute?


When and where did Julius say et tu brute?

march 5th

What did Caesar say when he realized who had stabbed him?

et tu brute

What did Caesar say while he was dying?

Et tu Brute?

What was Julius Caesar's accusation according to Shakespeare?

Et Tu Brute

As Caesar died he uttered his famous words?

et tu, Brute?

Where did Julius Caesar say et tu Brute?

According to legend, Julius Caesar said et tu brute, as he was being assassinated in the Roman senate. One of the assassins was Brutus, supposedly a friend of Caesar.

What were the last words Julius Caesar had uttered before he died?

According to Shakespeare, the last words of Caesar was: "Et tu, Brute?- Then fall, Caesar!" "Et tu, Brute?" means "Also you, Brutus?" or "Even you, Brutus?"

What was the last thing Caesar said before he died?

Although it is not sure many people think he said Et tu, Brute? ("You too, Brutus?") In the Shakespeare play he says "Et tu Brute? Then fall Caesar."

What did Julius Caesar say to Brutus after he stabbed him?

"Et tu, Brute!" You too, Brutus.

What is Julius Caesars most famous phrase?

"Et tu, Brute?" might be a candidate

What does Et tu Brute mean in the Julius Caesar play?

When Julius Caesar saw that his dear friend Marcus Brutus was also heading to kill him(and eventually did), he could not take the pain and exclaimed 'Et tu brute'(Latin)- 'You also Brutus'.

What did Julius say before he died?

It is believed he said : "Et tu Brute?". He could not believe that his friend Brutus would take part in his killing. Et tu meaning, "and you to?"

What did Caesar say to brutus when he was stabbed?

Caesar says, "Et tu Brute?" -And Caesar dies-

What were caesars last words?

"Et tu, Brute?" (And you, Brutus?) which Shakespeare used to symbolize betrayal.

What does Caesar say when he sees brutus among the assassins?

Et tu, Brute? then fall,Caesar

What were Caesar's last words in the book Julius Caesar?

"Et tu, Brute?" And, it's NOT a book.

What did Julius Caesar last say before he died?

Et tu Brute? Latin for "And you Brutus?"

What are the warnings for Caesar's death in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

Et tu Brute, then fall Caesar

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