What language was spoken at the beginning of the world?

At the beginning of the world there was no life and so there was no language.

After life had formed and evolved over a few million years in to sophisticated multi cell organisms such as fish, basic communication signals were used by different species. For example some fish will swim in a pattern to indicate their availability to mate. Time moved on and eventually land animals developed and used more sophisticated communications. Dances, grunts, howls and so on. The first men (3 million years ago) must have began to develop sounds for simple communication. With each change in evolution the brain became more sophisticated and the sounds became more complex eventually becoming words. Finally in Homo Sapiens (us) it became what we have today so it is fairly safe to assume that 195,000 years ago humans had complex language. However because this time was before written record we have no way of knowing exactly how it happened for sure.

I quote from http://linguistlist.org/ask-ling/oldest.html

"In 3200 BC, there were many, many languages spoken besides Sumerian and Egyptian, but they weren't fortunate enough to have a writing system. These languages are just as old. To take one interesting case, the Albanian language (spoken north of Greece) was not written down until about the 15th century AD, yet Ptolemy mentions the people in the first century BC.* The linguistic and archaeological evidence suggests that Albanians were a distinct people for even longer than that. So Albanian has probably existed for several millennia, but has only been written down for 500 years. With a twist of fate, Albanian might be considered very "old" and Greek pretty "new".

I hope this helps