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Thousands and thousands of languages are no longer spoken today. Most are not even known.

As of 2018, the following 50 languages have gone extinct in the 21st Century (along with their date of extinction):

  1. Mandan 12/09/16
  2. Wichita 08/30/16
  3. Gugu Thaypan 07/29/16
  4. Nuchatlaht dialect of Nuu-chah-nulth February 2016
  5. Klallam 02/04/14
  6. Livonian 06/05/13
  7. Yurok 03/26/13
  8. Cromarty dialect of Scots 10/02/12
  9. Dhungaloo ca. 2012
  10. Upper Chinook 07/11/12
  11. Holikachuk 03/10/12
  12. Lower Arrernte 2011
  13. Pazeh 10/24/10
  14. Cochin Indo-Portuguese Creole 08/20/10
  15. Aka-Bo 01/26/10
  16. Aka-Kora November 2009
  17. Aka-Jeru 2009
  18. Nyawaygi 2009
  19. Gugu Badhun by 2009
  20. Muruwari by 2009
  21. Agavotaguerra by 2009
  22. Arikem by 2009
  23. Karipúna by 2009
  24. Pataxó Hã-Ha-Hãe by 2009
  25. Aribwatsa by 2009
  26. Lelak by 2009
  27. Papora-Hoanya by 2009
  28. Plains Apache 2008
  29. Dura after April 2008
  30. Eyak 01/21/08
  31. Gros Ventre 08/10/07
  32. Javindo about 2007
  33. Wasco dialect of Upper Chinook 07/11/06
  34. A-Pucikwar by 2006?
  35. Whulshootseed after 2005
  36. Berbice Creole Dutch 2005
  37. Osage 2005
  38. Barrow Point by 2005
  39. Duli by 2004?
  40. Akkala Sami 12/29/03
  41. Klamath-Modoc 2003
  42. Garig Ilgar 2003
  43. Alngith by 2003
  44. Areba by 2003
  45. Atampaya by 2003
  46. Umbindhamu by 2003
  47. Unami 08/31/02
  48. Gaagudju 05/23/02
  49. Serrano 2002
  50. Amanayé by 2001

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How many ethnic languages are in Nigeria?

There are 512 living languages and 9 extinct languages.

How many extinct languages are there in the world?

The answer is unknown because most extinct languages died out before they ever formed a writing system.

How many living languages are there?

there are about 6000-7000 languages about half of them will be extinct by the end of the 21st century

What languages were spoken by Chumash Indians?

Chumashan, which is an extinct family of languages. Today they speak English or Spanish.

What are disadvantages of assimilation?

You lose your culture. Languages go extinct.

How many dead languages are there until 2009?

As of 2009, there are approximately 434 extinct languages; 49 languages from Africa, 68 languages from Asia, 8 languages from Central America and The Caribbean, 64 languages from Europe, 99 languages from North America, 30 languages from Oceania, and 116 from South America.

How many languages are spoken in Nigeria?

Answer:There are a total of 521 languages spoken in Nigeria. 510 are living languages, two second languages and 9 languages that are extinct.Answer:There are 4 recognised languages. It's official language is English. It's regional languages are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.107

What languages were spoken by the Hohokam Indians?

The Hohokam did not have written records, and went extinct about the time the Europeans arrived, so we do not know what languages they spoke.

What languages are spoken by the Bushmen?

Various Khoisan languages such as Hadza, Sandawe, Khoe, Kwadi (possibly extinct) Nama, Korana. Kxoe and Naro

When did first nations extinct?

they have never extincted but their languages and traditions and culture etc. But they haven't extinct but we keep them in horrible condition in some "reserves" which are awful.

Which language did the Celts speak?

The Celts spoke many languages/dialects, some are extinct, some are still used today, some of the living languages of Celtic are Welsh, Irish, Breton, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish and Manx. Some of the extinct Celtic languages are Gaulish, Pictish, Noric, Lepontic and Cumbric.

What has the author Mark Donohue written?

Mark Donohue has written: 'Wulguru' -- subject(s): Languages, Extinct languages, Wulguru language 'Warembori' -- subject(s): Languages, Warembori language, Papua (Indonesia)

What languages are members of the Semitic language family?

There are dozens of Semitic languages, but most are extinct.Here are some common living Semitic languages:AmharicArabicNeo-AramaicHebrewMalteseTigrinya

What is being done to preserve the 7000 spoken languages?

As of 2011, there are about 6,800 spoken languages. Approximately 60-80% of these languages are in danger of becoming extinct within the next 100 years. About 30% will be extinct within 2 decades. There are some efforts to protect endangered languages, but most attempts fail. The best thing to do is record as much information as possible about the language in the hopes that one day it can be revived.

Why is important for Navajos to be able to speak their naive language if they want to run for public office for the Navajo nation?

Native American languages are going extinct every year. Once they are extinct, they are gone forever. It is crucial that people preserve their languages, which contain a large amount of their culture.

What is a Celtic language?

The modern Celtic languages are:IrishScottish GaelicManxWelshBretonCornishand various extinct languages: Gaulish, Celtiberian, Lepontic, Galatian, etc.

Where does the language Germanic come from?

It is a branch of the Indo European group of languages, including German, Dutch, English, Scandinavian languages, Afrikaans, Flemish, Frisian and the extinct Gothic language

What nation has preserved the original language of Great Britain?

None. The original languages of Great Britain are long extinct.

Why do people not speak Cayuga anymore?

Most extinct or near-extinct Native American languages, including Cayuga, died out because of English. Either due to English-only laws, or assimilation.

Can languages be extinct?

Yes, in fact two years ago or last year the last speaker of Bo died, making it a dead/extinct language. There are several Native American (USA) and First Peoples (Canada) languages that currently have only a few elderly speakers left, and will likely become dead languages soon. It is predicted by some linguists (not all) that Gaelic will become extinct in the next century or so, as it is still spoken by relatively few people in Ireland, and most of those in small, rural areas.

What languages are spoken by Ohlone Indians?

The Ohlone people speak English.Historically, they spoke the Ohlone languages (which are all extinct):AwaswasChalonChochenyoKarkinMutsunRamaytushRumsenTamyen

What are the least spoken languages in North America?

Every ten years or so another North America Native language goes extinct as the sole surviving speakers die. BlackFoot is newly extinct.

How many languages did the Native Americans have originally?

It is impossible to answer that question since many languages existed and became extinct before there was anyone around to record them - that is the precise meaning of "prehistory" and we can only know about those very ancient times from the archaeological record, which does not preserve language.It is estimated that in South America there have been many thousands of native languages, many long extinct; there were around 1,500 at first European contact. In Meso-America (Central America) there have been an unknown number of native languages and dialects, certainly several hundreds.In North America there have been anywhere between 300 and 700 languages and dialects, many of them extinct long before European contact. Many of the archaic languages are completely unknown, such as the language or languages of the Adena, Hopewell and Clovis cultures which may each represent more than one tribe.

A language that starts with a v?

There is Volapük, which is a constructed language. Vandalic, Venetic, Volga - Bolgarian and Volscian are ancient and extinct languages.

What are the disadvantages of losing your culture Languages going extinct?

No one around you could understand you. You could lose your sense of self.

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