What languages are spoken in Angola?

Angola's official language has a long history. It began out when Romans settled And started growing. They spread the language of Latin Now it is a dead language but some people can still sing it and speak it limitedly.
Portuguese is the closest language to Latin than any other of the Romance languages. Therefore Europeans adopted the language and when the came to Africa the to get rich they showed the language to the Africans of Angola And it became and called Lingua franca or can be translated as their common language

Portuguese is the official language of Angola, spoken by 80% of the people. Many others are spoken, such as recognized regional languages and tribal dialects.
Very few. Portugese is the primary language of the country.
Portuguese is the official language of Angola though approximately 40% of the population speak Bantu either in addition to or instead of Portuguese.
The main language is Portuguese, the language of the former colonial power. However, Umundu, Kimbundu and Kikongo are the most widely spoken native languages, which account for around 40-50% of the population. In the Angolan exclave of Cabinda, most people speak French.
In Angola, Africa, the official language is Portuguese. However, there are about six Bantu languages that are considered national languages, including Kimbundu, Kikongo, Mbunda, and Umbundu. The Khoisan language and foreign languages like English and French may also be spoken in Angola.
Portuguese. Also spoken in Moçambique, Brazil, Guinea Bissau and a few others. However in Angola there are also very popular national dialects.
Angola's 1 official language is Portuguese. This is also the national language.

These languages also have legal recognition by the government of Angola:
  1. Kikongo
  2. Chokwe
  3. Umbundu
  4. Kimbundu
  5. Ganguela
  6. Kwanyama

Here is a list of all 40 languages spoken in Angola, including the ones listed above:
  1. Bolo
  2. Cokwe
  3. Dhimba
  4. Diriku
  5. Holu
  6. Khwe
  7. Kikongo
  8. Kilari
  9. Kimbundu
  10. Kung-Ekoka
  11. Kwadi
  12. Kwangali
  13. Lucazi
  14. Luimbi
  15. Lunda
  16. Luvale
  17. Maligo
  18. Mashi
  19. Mbangala
  20. Mbukushu
  21. Mbunda
  22. Mbwela
  23. Namibian Sign Language
  24. Ndombe
  25. Ngandyera
  26. Nkangala
  27. Nkumbi
  28. Nyaneka
  29. Nyemba
  30. Nyengo
  31. Oshiwambo
  32. !O!ung
  33. Portuguese
  34. Ruund
  35. Sama
  36. Songo
  37. Umbundu
  38. Yaka
  39. Yauma
  40. Yombe

Namibian Sign Language (NSL) is a sign language of Angola. It is presumed that there are other sign languages as well, but they are not studied.

English is the most popular foreign language studied in school, but it is not widely spoken at all.