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the answer is: Turkic languages, basic divide into western and eastern Turkic languages, almost 50 types of "dialects", they are all part of Altai language family, same as for example Mongolian or Korean language
Turkmen is the official language of Turkmenistan.
Although the official language is Turkmen, Russian is used for inter-ethnic communication, so Russian is most likely more widely spoken.

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The 1 official language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen, spoken by more than 72% of the population. Turkmen is also considered the national language.

Russian still is widely spoken in cities as a language of interethnic communication.

Here is a list of the 25 languages spoken in Turkmenistan:

  1. Turkmen
  2. Russian 12%
  3. Uzbek 9%
  4. Russian Sign Language
  5. Kazakh
  6. Tatar
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Azerbaijani
  9. Armenian
  10. Northern Kurdish
  11. Lezgian
  12. Persian
  13. Belarusian
  14. Erzya
  15. Korean
  16. Bashkir
  17. Karakalpak
  18. Ossetic
  19. Dargwa
  20. Lak
  21. Tajik
  22. Georgian
  23. Lithuanian
  24. Tabasaran
  25. Dungan
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Q: What languages are spoken in Turkmenistan?
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