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It is very difficult to compare the brands for laptops. Toshiba is a good brand but one of the general problem observed with Toshiba is it gets heated soon. Also Toshiba's fan start giving problem after one to two years of use.

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Q: What laptops are better than Toshiba laptops?
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Does Toshiba have better quality and services than Dell?

Toshiba is good at laptops. But my opinion its not better than Dell.

What good in Toshiba laptop computers?

Toshiba Laptops are one of the better ones out there as far as I'm concerned... Better than Dell & HP

Are Dell laptops better than Toshiba laptops?

In my experience, they are about equally good. Dell has a top of the line XPS where Toshiba has a similar high end laptop in the Qosmio

Are Toshiba laptops much better than any other manufacturer?

I have a Toshiba and it works very well. They have become a more popular brand for laptops because of their increase in quality.

What laptops are better than toshiba?

i reckon if you have a toshiba laptop then get a ipad it is fun awsome but cant do homework on it so i hope that will help you

Which is better toshiba or hp laptops?

Never used a Toshiba, but I love HP.

What brand of laptops is better toshiba or dell?

Toshiba by far dell isn't that goood

Is compaq or Toshiba better in laptops?


Which between Hp and Toshiba laptops is a better brand?

hp is a way better brand than toshiba IMO neither. The Macbook Pro beats them both hands down.

Which computer is better suited for games the hp pavilion dv6446us or the Toshiba satellite a200s4629?

Since Toshiba laptops are great for gaming, the Toshiba Satellite A200-S4629 is better than the HP Pavilion DV6446US in gaming.

Is toshiba better quality than dell laptops?

hell no... get dell. get the good models. inspiron is ok. toshiba is horrible with internet, get really hot and low quality.

Who made the Toshiba laptops?


What is Better Compaq laptops or Toshiba Laptops?

I recommend Toshiba, because of the speed and the amount of storage it comes with. I also like them because of the usual 4 USB ports.

What is better Toshiba or samsong?

According to me, samsung is better than toshiba

Are Sony VAIO laptops cheaper than toshiba laptops?

No. Toshiba usually has cheaper than average computers; computers selling for $999 can have the same specs as a Toshiba computer for $899. Toshiba has a laptop for every purpose, while Sony has specialized super-quality computers, but they are more expensive.

How big are Toshiba laptops?

Toshiba laptops come in all different sizes, from 10" to 18".

Which is better Toshiba or Acer laptops?

a friend of mine gave my children his 10 year old TOSHIBA SATELLITE enough said

Are Sony laptops better for gaming? even though Sony laptops are nice Toshiba laptops and dell's alienware laptops are way better for gaming they are more powerful than some desktops but they are also more expensive, and the battery runs out fast. I think gaming is best done with a desktop.

How many types of Toshiba laptops are available on the Toshiba website?

There are five types of Toshiba laptops on the site. The first on the list is satelite. There are also custom laptops so that can add a few more different types of laptops just for each custom part.

Where is a website that sells Toshiba laptops?

There are certain websites that sale toshiba laptops, the price varies. Websites are diffrent such as the offical toshiba website, price-comparing websites and more.

Where can I find reviews regarding Toshiba laptops?

The best way to find reviews for Toshiba laptops is to go onto the Toshiba website it will tell you everything about the laptop that you need to know.

How doe Lenovo laptops compare to Toshiba?

They are not as powerful or as sleek in design as Toshibas. In terms of hierarchy in laptops, Toshibas are better built, and have a greater memory capacity.

Is hp better than Toshiba?

No, I would choose Toshiba over HP.

Does the Toshiba 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM work on laptops or desktops?

The Toshiba 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM works on laptops and desktops.

Which is a better brand of hard drive seagate or Toshiba?

Seagate is a top branded name. It is better than toshiba.