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North of 66.5622 degrees north and south of 66.5622 degrees south respectively.

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What latitudes do the Arctic and Antarctic cycles lie?

You can find each at about 66 degrees from the Equator.

What is the area between the Arctic the Antarctic circle and the tropics?


What is the name for the areas that lie north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle?

The Arctic and the Antarctic respectively.

What are the names for the areas that lie north of the arctic circle and south of the Antarctic circle?

The Arctic and the Antarctic respectively.

What are higher latitudes?

The latitudes that lies between arctic circle and the north pole and antarctic circle and the south pole are known s higher latitudes

How does species richness vary with latitude?

There are more species in the tropics, low latitudes, and fewer species in the arctic & antarctic, high latitudes.

What are the latitudes north of the arctic circle and south of the antarctic circle called?

Those are the "polar" regions.

Are the latitudes north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle called high middle or low latitude regions?

"High" latitudes. The equator has a latitude of zero. The area between the Tropic of Cancer (at 23.5 degrees north) and the Tropic of Capricorn (at 23.5 degrees south) are the "tropics" or low latitudes. The "polar regions" are above the Arctic Circle or below the Antarctic Circle, where the latitudes are higher than 66.5 degrees (north or south) are "high". The areas between the tropics and the arctic/antarctic are called "mid-latitudes or "temperate zones".

What are Winds in the high latitudes that flow out of the Arctic and Antarctic regions?

In Antarctica, the winds are known as Katabatic winds. In the Arctic, the winds are known as Squamish winds.

Names of the latitudes?

Arctic Circle, Tropic Of Cancer, Equator, Tropic Of Capricorn, Antarctic Circle (from top to bottom)

At what latitue do the arctic and Antarctic circle lie?

66.5 degrees north and south, respectively.

Where do the arctic and antarctic circles lie?

The latitude is 66 degrees 33 minutes north.

At what latitude and longitude do the Arctic and Antarctic circles lie?

The Arctic circle is 66 33′ 39″ north and the Antarctic is the same south of the equator.Every longitude crosses both circles.

At what latitude do the arctic and the Atlantic circles lie?

The Arctic Circle is 66.5 degrees north. The Antarctic Circle is 66.5 degrees south.

Do lines of latitude have names?

There are five named latitudes: * The Arctic Circle, * The Tropic of Cancer, * The equator, * The Tropic of Capricorn and * The Antarctic Circle.

What do you notice about the relationship between latitudes and low temperatures?

equator latitude 0 is hot arctic and antarctic high latiitude it is cold

What is the Area that extends from 65point5 degrees north and south latitudes to the poles called?

The Arctic Circle for the north and the Antarctic Circle for the south.

What designates where the Arctic and Antarctic circle latitudes are placed?

Technically, they are the latitudes farthest from the north and south poles that have a continuous period of 24 hours without a sunset, and a similar period without a sunrise.

The frigid zones lie near what region?

The north and south frigid zones (also known as the Arctic and the Antarctic) lie near the poles.

Where do the Arctic and Antarctic Circles begin?

Although circles don't have beginnings or endings, they can be found at 66.5622 degrees north and south latitudes, respectively.

What the differences between Arctic and the Antarctic?

The Arctic is the North Pole; Antarctic is the South Pole. The Arctic has polar bears; Antarctic has penguins

What are the latitudes north of the Arctic Circle?

high latitudes

What is the difference between Arctic and antarctic animals?

* The Arctic has polar bears and the Antarctic does not. * The Antarctic has penguins and the Arctic doesn't. * The Antarctic has no trees. * The Arctic has Tundra with rich plant life in Spring and Summer. * Antarctic has algae but not the Arctic. * Antarctica has mainly calm animals but the Arctic has some fierce ones.

Which way round is the antarctic and the arctic?

Arctic north, Antarctic south.

How can you compare the arctic and antarctic circles?

Both mark latitudes, north -- Arctic, and south -- Antarctica, of the Equator beyond which there is at least one 24-hour period of no sunrise/ sunset per year.

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