The Great Depression

What led to the Great Depression?


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The collapse of the stock marketis what led to the Great Depression.

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the key problem that led to the great depression is when they ran outta food and died....

Franklin D. Roosevelt led the country out of the great depression. FDR was the 32nd U.S. President.

The great depression of the 1930's led to WW2; WW2 got the US out of the depression.

The Great Depression was an economic depression that preceded World War II. It led to high unemployment since many companies instituted production cutbacks. This in turn led to employee layoffs.

The Great Depression started for a number of reasons. This includes bank failures and the crash of the stock market.

The Wall Street stock market crash in 1929 led to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The Great Depression was an important event for the USA and the World. In Europe, the Great Depression led to Hitler and the Nazi party and WWII. In the USA, the Great Depression led to FDR and a change in the way the American people regard their government and the way the American government treats the American people.

It is widely believed that the Great Depression encouraged nationalism and played a key role on the rise of the Nazis. The Great Depression led to increased protectionism and similar measures.

It led to the Great Depression because the U.S. was in debt to other countries

instituted production cutbacks, which led to major layoffs

over production- under consumption

Creating more industries was what ultimately led to recovery of the US economy following the Great Depression. This meant that there was a high production capacity with millions of people working.

There isn't one single cause for the Great Depression. Many historians and economists believe many of F.D.R.'s policies led to worsening of The Great Depression.

the stock market crashed which led to the Great Depression

People buying excessive stocks on margin

black Tuesday is the day the stockmarket crashed. many believe it led to the Great depression

Herbert Hoover had just become President in 1929 when the Great Depression began. His ineffective response led to his defeat by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.

The stock market crash that occurred on October 29, 1929 is primarily responsible. It soon led to the worldwide economic downturn known as the Great Depression.

No One Actually Tried To Have One It Was When Every One Saw That They Where Spending To Much For Stupid Things And The Stock Market Crashed Because of It And It Led Into What They Call The Great Depression

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