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What legal rights do 17 year olds have in Houston tx?

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The age of majority in the state of Texas is 18. Unless declared an emancipated minor, anyone under 18 has no legal rights to property or anything else.

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if you are 18 then you are an adult. you have the same rights as any other person above 18 in the US.

They can't drink alcohol, and can't get into over 21 clubs.

probabbly not 12 yr olds dont have legal rights to work.

16 year olds can drive with 'L' plates, buy lotto tickets and 'scratchies' and legally have sex. Cannot drink until 18 years old.

yes it is legal ... unless the person the 14-16 year olds are having it with someone over 18

At 18 a person is an adult and has all the rights of adulthood.

There are no legal rights. They are both adults and above the age of consent.

Yes 11 year olds can babysit as long as his/her parents can trust her/him.thank you for your question it has been my pleasure to answer it for you!

In the US, there are no 'runaway' rights.

They are pretty limited. Unless you are being abused, you are subject to your parents rules, the school rules and the laws of the community and state.

There are no legal jobs for 10 year olds.

Those vary from state to state.

One right about legal for 16 year old, is that they can not smoke.

As long as she/he has a parent with him/her.

There are no dating laws. And the age of consent to sexual activity in Michigan is 16.

Legal rights regarding what?? Age of consent, criminal code? Please be more specific.

the extention of voting rights to 18 year olds

The legal age of adulthood is 18. Some states consider 17 year olds legal depending on what is being considered.

Rights you get when you turn 18: · The right to vote. · You can buy cigarettes and chewing tobacco. · Buy/rent porn. · Be drafted in the military. · You can buy lottery tickets. · You're considered a legal adult. & more.

do you mean dating or to watch like babysitting. Some states legal age to baby sit is 12 which is legal. but it would be at your own descression on weither the 12 year old is responsible enough. dating. its not illegal until they reach the 16-18 year old limit then it will be. these are great awnsers but think 50 year olds date 40 year olds all the time im not saying 6 year olds should date 12 year olds but still its just weird

The same rights as any other mother?Could you be a bit more specific and I will try to help more :)Answer:Everything regarding the child is up to you to decide, no one elses unless you can not provide for the child.

16 year olds have basic constitutional rights.They don't have the rights that are reserved to an adult, voting, making a contract, buying alcohol, etc, etc.An adult is presumed to be able to carry more responsibility for their actions than a child. Privileges and responsibilities go together.Not to be abused, to be able to go to school, to be fed and clothed by their parents or the state. That's about it. Until they turn 18 or whatever age their specific state requires, minors have limited rights.

It all depends on the country and location where you live.

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