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Q: What lesson do we learn from the story 'how the jaguar lost its fire?
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What is the main theme of the story ' How the Jaguar lost its fire?

the main theme is the procedure on how the jaguar lost its fire

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How the jaguar lost its fire?

A small book titled , Oxford Reading Circle, is written by NICHOLAS HORSBURGH. Chapter number10 is " HOW the jaguar LOST its FIRE ". In that story you will learn about how the jaguar lost its fire. Jaguar is a small cheeta ( cat or lion family, as you may like) . Well he lives in a cave away from men as his father was killed and mother was wounded by men . Leon is a small boy who lives in a village and his grandfather. One night, his grandfather told him the secret that from where came the fire. His grandfather told him that many hundred years ago, men did not had fire, they were not knowing how cook food even, One day, a small boy wandering away from village reached the high cliff chasing a macwa ( a bird, ) but he could not reach the nest of macaw. There he saw a jaguar. The jaguar did not say anything to the little boy, and he started living with the Jaguar. There the boy for the first time saw fire. He was surprised and saw the jaguar cooking the prey on fire and eat the roasted meat. Jaguar would go hunting at night only, however he will also bring woooden sticlk for the fire. So the boy learnt the use of food. One night the boy took the fire from the cave and went back to his village, he taught other people how to use fire and later cook the food. So the jaguar lost the firee as it was taken away by the boy.

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