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Q: What level do you get The animals for tap zoo?
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How do you play tap zoo?

Tap on animals

Can neighbors crossbreed on tap zoo?

No. You can crossbreed only the animals that you have in your zoo

How do you buy animals in tap zoo?

You click store then animals

How do you delete a decoration on tap zoo?

In Tap Zoo 2, go to the menu that doesn't have animals and tap the sell button. Then tap the thing you want to sell and the game will confirm the price.

What level do you unlock the elephant in tap zoo?

Level 23

What level do you get the elephant in tap zoo?


How do you get neighbors on tap zoo?

Go to switchpedia and hook up with other tap zoo fans to start friendships and unlock prized animals!

What is the list of tap zoo reptiles?

what are the amphibians animals

How do you feed the animals in tap zoo?

Hire rangers

How do you get coins in tap zoo for free?

You collect them from your animals

How do you feed the animals on zoo tycoon ds?

Zoo Tycoon: Sorry! Hire a zookeeper instead. Zoo Tycoon 2: Tap an animal. Then tap the icon. Now tap the feeding icon. Good luck!

How do you crossbreed an Asian white backed vulture on tap zoo 2?

An Asian white-backed vulture is not listed on the animals on Tap Zoo 2.

How do you get a Tasmanian devil on Tap Zoo?

When you get to level 25

What animals are in tap zoo?

There are so many animals it's hard to tell you all of them!

How do you get an Asian White-backed vulture on Tap Zoo?

An Asian White-backed vulture isn't an animal listed on the list of animals you can buy on Tap Zoo.

How do you get more animals on tap zoo?

You buy them from they store on the game

What level do you unlock the eagle on tap zoo?

10 or 11

What animals do you cross breed for a lama on tap Zoo?

A Rhea and a Jaguar.

How do you get exp on tap zoo?

when your animals have little coins above their heads tap those and you will get coins and experience. To get an animal go to "Animals" and you can use your coins to get one.

What level do you have to be on to get a camel on tap zoo?

Level 20 to buy the Bactrian Camel for 5,200,000 coins

How do you separate animals in tap zoo?

You separate animals by putting up walls, fences, rivers , exc.

How do you make a flying squirrel in tap zoo?

Get to level 16 I think

How do you make a fox on tap zoo?

You can not make it you can buy it at a low level

How do you crossbreed a fox in tap zoo?

You can buy it at level 8 I think

How do you get Asian white back vulture on tap zoo?

you have to be level 210