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A high school diploma is usually required to enter a formal emergency medical technician training program. Training is offered at progressive levels: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic.

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Q: What level of education do you need to become a paramedic in NY?
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How many gcse do you need to become a paramedic?

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What certification and training is involved in getting a paramedic job?

All EMT and paramedic jobs require you to finish a training program. Though most jobs require a high education, it varies. The lowest amount of education you need to become a paramedic with a average payroll is an associates degree.

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How Much schooling do you need to become a Paramedic?

5 years

what are the educational requirements to be a certified paramedic?

Emergency paramedics usually need two years of education. Paramedics must have a certified Paramedic license, CPR and ACLS.

How do you become an EMT Paramedic after certification of EMT-basic?

It depends from state to state, but most requires you to work a full year as an EMT Basic before you can become an EMT Paramedic. You need to take the EMT Paramedic training and certification.

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