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digemon dont digevoe at LEVILS thae evolve when thae have enough

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Is Groundon a poke'mon or digemon?

he is a Pokemon and is a very powerful legendary

Why did dragon abandon luffy?

Because pokemon sux and so thats why luffy hates pokemon and digemon and hid DAD

What is the difference between A-Levels and AS-Levels?

AS levels are the first half of A levels, if you stop after the first year you get an AS qualification.

How do you unlock levels?

levels of what?!

Illustrate 4 tropical levels?

tropical levels or trophic levels?

How many levels are on astro barrier?

There are 40 levels on Astro Barrier + 10 secret levels + 10 expert levels

Levels of comprehension?

What are the levels of comprehension?

How many levels does Kirby Squeak Squad have in all?

There are 8 worlds. Counting the extra levels and boss levels, the first 4 worlds each have 7 levels. World 5 has 6 levels. Worlds 6-7 have 7 levels each, and World 8 has 4 levels. That adds up to 52 levels.

Why is Pokemon losing popularity?

It is losing popularity due to the older generation no longer enjoy the pokemon games as the spins offs seem to not be needed in there eyes. It is also because many people think the new pokemon sprites looks awful and weird some have even began to think that pokemon is starting to copy Digemon.

How many levels are there on call of duty 5?

65 levels, not sure about prestige levels

What is the meaning of levels in levels of classification?

the levels of classification is, domain.kingdom.phyla.classes.orders.families.genus.andspecies. and that's all i know.

How many levels are on puffle rescue on club penguin?

There are unlimited levels but the levels will just repeat them selves after level 9 but the levels will get faster!

Why are carbon dioxide levels decreasing?

Carbon dioxide levels are not decreasing in the atmosphere, in fact, they are increasing. In 1960 levels were 316 ppm. In 1970 levels were 325 ppm. In 1980 levels were 338 ppm. In 1990 levels were 353 ppm. In 2000 levels were 369 ppm. In 2010 levels were 388 ppm. Jan of 2012 levels were 393.09 ppm. As of today we are at 393.68 ppm at Manua Loa.

How many levels were there on the titanic?

There Was 9 Levels

What is O levels in spanish?

what are o levels?

How many super saiyin levels are there?

there is for levels

How many levels are on uncharted?

There are 28 levels.

How much levels are there in fusionfall?

36 levels

Where are your riding levels?

They no longer have riding levels

Are there 70 levels on Bloxorz?

No. There are 33 levels.

How many levels do trophic levels have?


How many cell levels are there?

five levels.

How many levels are there LittleBigPlanet?

there a total of 25 story levels but an endless amount of community levels

How surgical hypothyroidism would likely affect prolactin levels?

Thyroid hormones levels decrease, TRH levels increase, and PRL levels increase.

What level does your dragon have to be to grow into a child on dragonadopters?

Level 13 is when your dragon becomes a child Egg :levels 0-4Hatchling :levels 5-12Child :levels 13-24Teenager :levels 25-39Adult :levels 40-69Ancient :levels 70-110

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