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The Perisn Gulf is connected to the Arabian Sea by the Straight of Hormuz which opens into the Sea of Oman.

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Q: What links the Persian Gulf with the Arabian sea?
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Are the Arabian sea and Persian gulf the same?

Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf are two different bodies of water but they are adjacent.

What body of water connects the Persian gulf to the Arabian sea?

The Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are separated by both the STRAIT OF HORMUZ and the GULF OF OMAN.

Is Persian gulf right Arabian?

Persian gulf is right it has been Persian gulf and,is Persian gulf will remain PERSIAN GULF,the sea of pars people,

What peninsula is surrounded by the Red Sea the Gulf of Aden the Arabian Sea the Gulf of Oman the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea?

The Arabian Peninsula.

Is the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf?

Well, its not in the Persian Gulf, the Persian Gulf is the old name of the Arabian Gulf, which is a shallow sea in the middle east. The UAE is on the cost of the Persian Gulf/ Arabian Gulf

Which sea is north of the persian gulf?

The Arabian Sea is north of the Persian Gulf. The Arabian Sea is about 615 miles long and rarely exceeds 300 feet deep.

Is the Persian gulf a city?

No, it is an inlet of the Arabian Sea, known as a 'gulf'

What narrow body of water is between Persian gulf to Arabian sea?

The Persian Gulf narrows into the Strait of Hormuz which then widens out to the Gulf of Oman and then that opens up into the Arabian Sea.

Where does the Persian gulf dump into?

It dumps into the Arabian Sea

What sea is the Persian gulf connected to?

It is connected to the Arabian Sea via the Gulf of Oman.

Which of these bodies of water does not border the Arabian peninsula Persian gulf Arabian sea red sea Mediterranean sea?

The Mediterranean Sea does not border the Arabian peninsula, which extends into the Indian Ocean and has the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden to the south, the Arabian Sea to the southeast, and the Persian Gulf to the northeast.

Do you travel through the Bay of Bengal when trying to get to the Persian Gulf from the Arabian Sea?

No. The Arabian Sea is West of India, and the and the Bay of Bengal is East of India. The Arabian Sea leads right into the Persian Gulf.

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