What long term bad effects could you get from pulling a tooth that is in the middle of your jaw?

Any time you have a tooth extracted you need to consider what it will do to the rest of your mouth. In the case of having a tooth pulled in the very back of your mouth, it's not usually a huge problem. However, when you start talking the other 24 teeth in your mouth there is. Any time a tooth is pulled you have to expect that eventually it's "dancing partener" (the tooth directly above or below it that it occludes with while biting) will gradually make it's way out also and fall out. The teeth on either side of an area that has had an extraction will gradually tip into that space and cause not only biting issues, but esthetic ones. Eventually it will become difficult to chew food as effectively as you are used to. I would highly recommend having a root canal done and saving the tooth at all costs (we're talking teeth that are not the furthest molars in your mouth). If you cannot afford a root canal (they range from probably $300-$1000 and insurance usually pays for them around 80%) you can always check to see if you qualify with your local Free Clinic.