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bottom, for sure!

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Q: What looks better top or bottom for a belly button piercing?
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Can you not have babies by piercing your belly button?

Piercing your belly bottom has nothing to do with having a child and it does not affect the process.

What is the bottom stomach piercing called?

Belly button piercing. or some are hip piercings.

Which is better a Fake Belly button ring or a belly button piercing with a belly button ring?

clip-on fake belly button ring Seriously in this day and age of fake reality TV who likes posers? There are not a lot of piercing enthusiasts who like posers, if you want a piercing get a piercing but don't fake it. Rule of thumb if it's phony on the out side the inside can't be much better.

What is the meaning of a belly piercing?

A belly piercing is a piercing on the belly button. Where your belly button might go in or out, it is the slight arch you get just above it. it is a piercing through that area. depending on how your belly button is formed. Search google for images.

Piercing the bottom part of belly button hurt more than the top?

yeah bottom hurt more....

When will pain of belly button piercing subside?

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

What is a belly button bar?

Its the jewelry that goes into a belly button piercing.

Can you have a belly button piercing if your belly button is an outtie?

Yes you still can.

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

What is a BB piercing?

Belly button.

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt more or less than getting your ears pierced?

Your belly button piercing hurts more then a normal ear piercing your belly button piercing is more sensitive then a ear. :]

Does Kesha have a belly button ring or a tattoo?

Yes Kesha does have a belly button piercing..

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