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His famous theory of relativity

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Q: What made Albert Einstein a good scientist?
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Inventions that made albert Einstein famous?

Einstein was a scientist rather than an inventor. He discovered relativity.

Which scientist produced the theory of relativity?

Albert Einstein made the theory of relativity.

How was uncle Jacob a good influence on albert Einstein?

he was because when albert's father gave him a compass his uncle jakob made a game out of alebra from it which was a good influence on becoming good in math and in becoming a scientist

Does anyone have an intro for a Albert Einstein report?

who is the smartest scientist that made the equation E=mc(2)?if you guessed albert Einstein you're 100% accurate

Why is Albert Einstein worth knowing about?

Albert Einstein was a well known scientist. He had many theories of relativity which made him the most famous. Go to to find more information.

What was Albert Einstein's job?

Albert Einstein's Job Was a Theoretical physicist,philosopher an author who is widley regarded & a scientist

Who was the scientist who believed that gravity made all object fall at the same time?

You are referring to Albert Einstein's Theory of Gravity.

How did Albert Einstein get into what made them famous?

i want to know how Albert Einstein became famous how did he do it

How old was Albert Einstein when he made his 1 invention?

Albert Einstein was not an inventor and holds no patents.

Which of the famous scientist an English school teacher who proposed the idea that everything is made of very small particles called atoms?

Albert Einstein

How did Albert Einstein make math?

Albert Einstein made math to make people clever

Why is there a book on Albert Einstein biography?

Albert Einstein was known to be the smartest man so they made a biography about him in his honour.