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What made American democracy unique?

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How did people in the American democracy vote?

It depend on which American democracy you are referring to

How does the American democracy compare to Greek Democracy?

Early Greek democracy was in Athens the city state. Decisions of how laws were made or the state run was decided by a vote of the people. In America we do not have a true democracy, but a Republic.

What government influenced the American democracy?

The English Government influenced american democracy

When was The Disruption of American Democracy created?

The Disruption of American Democracy was created in 1948.

When was American Democracy Television created?

American Democracy Television was created in 2005.

What aspects of athenian democracy do you think would not work in our current american democracy?

Athenian Democracy had the council of five hundred and American Democracy has a government.

How did the Greeks influence American democracy?

The Greeks influenced the American democracy greatly. This is because the Greeks were the first form of a democracy.

How was its development unique in American politics?

how was the development unique in American politics

When was American Islamic Forum for Democracy created?

American Islamic Forum for Democracy was created in 2003.

Unique things about India?

India is the world's largest democracy !

What is one unique fact about a democracy?

It starts with the letter D.

How does the internet affect the American democracy?

how has the internet affected democracy

Compare Athenian democracy to American democracy today?

Athens had a direct democracy and U.S has a representive

What is unique about Iran's type of government?

The unique thing is that the Iranian regime in Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law.

How is Athenian Democracy similar to American Democracy?

It was not - it was direct democracy where the citizens met in fortnightly assembly and decided on issues which the council implemented. Modern democracy is representative democracy, where elected representatives carry out the functions of governance.

What type of democracy did athens have how did this later affect the creation of american democracy?

Democracy in Athens was a direct democracy. In a direct democracy the people decide on the policy initiatives directly

Why was Athens democracy more limited than modern American democracy?


What is the American Samoa government?


Who made democracy?


How do you use constitutional democracy in a sentence?

American government is based off of a constitutional democracy.

How did Tocqueville view American democracy?

He wrote an excellent book, "Democracy in America," on the subject. As that suggests, he found American democracy interesting, compelling, humanly imperfect. You can also go to Cheers.

What was unique about the subject matter that American artists and writers of mid-1800s used?

it was made at your moms house

What Unconventional poet who celebrated American democracy?

Walt Whitman could easily be said to both an nonconformist and a poet that celebrated American democracy.

What was not one of the eight basic tenets of American democracy?

Everything that rises must converge is NOT one of the eight basic tenets of American democracy.

What makes Greece a unique country?

What makes Greece a unique country is that it is the place where democracy was developed and is one of the root sources of western culture.