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It is better because it helps people do their work easier. internet now is used for shopping, games and for communication.

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Has the internet made life better or worse for people today?

It made life better because people can search things on the internet instead of having to go to that place

How has technology made your lives better?

well technology made our lives better because if it did'nt we would not have micaraves internet to find information and etc

How long does it take to sign into PlayStation Home and can it be made faster?

It depends on your internet connection. The better Internet package you have, the faster the loading.

How do you speed up internet buffering?

Get better Internet! You can also get a better computer.

Is twilight the book or movie better?

I think from all the research i had done on the Internet, the book is better. The book itself, made $400 billion dollars. And the movie made $37 million dollars. Personally, I like the book better(:

How has the internet change the management process?

The internet has change the management process in so many ways and has made it better to a large extent. Through the internet, virtual management has become possible which increases productivity.

Is the internet better then a book?

no, a book is better

Does the ipod touch have to have Internet?

No, but it's better with internet.

Why is a newspaper is better than Internet?

The internet is better because, with the internet, you can search for information easier. You can also see years of newspaper articles on the internet in one place.

When was the Internet made?

The internet was made in 1969, but not as we know it today.

What is better iphone or iPad?

Ipad Way Better You Can Go On The Internet WAY Faster ; You Can Even Talk While You Are On The Internet And Text While You Are On The Internet! See Is WAY Better :D

Is Google Chrome better than Internet Explorer in internet banking?

Yes, Google Chrome is better than IE in internet banking. It is because of the better security protocols in Chrome.

What is better wi-fi or internet?

Wifi is needed to access the Internet so then wifi is better

Is the internet a better news resource than the television?

is the internet a better news source than the television

What was the internet originally made to do?

Internet was originally made by Charles Babbage who also created the first computer, he made the internet for math

How is internet better than encyclopedia?

The internet is better than an encyclopedia simply because the internet contains more information and is always up to date.

How can you boost internet streaming?

Get a better internet modem or broadband.

What was the better creation fire or the internet?

Definitely the Internet :Þ

What is better archos 5 internet tablet or iPod Touch?

the archos 5 internet tablet is much better

What kind of internet is better?

As per my knowledge which gives high browsing speed and download speed will be better internet.

In what year was the internet made?

how do u know all this information and when was the the internet made

How can you get your computer to load information from the Internet quickly?

Get a better service on the internet?

Which is better dsi Internet browser for wii Internet browser?


What is better about the ipad2?

Don't pay for internet and have better programs

Where was YouTube made?

It was made it was made on the Internet

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