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What made the opium war?

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2011-09-13 10:50:07

The opium wars where waged between china and the british

government, who where acting on behalf of the east India trading


The root of the war was that the east India trading company was

suppling masses of opium to china, turning the country into a mess

of addicts. The Chinese governemnt, for quite obvious reason, didnt

want this, and so imposed massive import taxes on the opium.

The east India trading co., who where basically the biggest

coroprate bullys around at the time, with masses of political

influence and fingers in all of the pies, responed by getting the

british government to declare war on china.

Britain was at this time in full empire building mode, and was

basically a superpower, going around conquering countries left

right and centre. Not even small countries, big massive ones like

India, although back then they called it "colonising" and

"civilising" the countries.

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