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What major battles was Woodrow Wilson in in world war1?


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Woodrow Wilson did not see any major battles in World War 1. In fact, during World War 1, he was the President of the United States.

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Woodrow Wilson said that World War 1 was "the war to end all wars."

He formed the league of nations,he proclaimed mother's day.

Woodrow Wilson. Its not Woodrow Wilson. Its Felix Frankfurter

Woodrow Wilson launched a major campaign to win support for the war , he had also presented himself to the senate multiple times to get the senates thumbs up to go to war.

Woodrow Wilson was the US President from 1913 to 1921, including the period of World War I (1914-1919).

Britain- Lloyd George America- Woodrow Wilson France- Georges clemenceau

Woodrow Wilson is on the 100,000 dollar bill because he was president during World War I.

No, Woodrow Wilson (representing america) wanted to ensure world peace and harmony. The treaty of Versailles (its argued) was a massive trigger to the 2nd world war and the rise of hitler. Woodrow Wilson didn't succeed with his aim.

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924). Wilson died before Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany (1933).

President Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States of America during WWl. (World War One)

President Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the US in 1912, and promoted the entry of the US into World War I in 1917, to end the conflict and German aggression.

Woodrow Wilson was not president during WWII

Woodrow Wilson was the president who led the United States through World War I. He was also very educated: he was the first U.S. president to have a PhD.

Woodrow Wilson The US declared war on Germany on April 6 1917 and the president was Woodrow Wilson.

Yes, Woodrow Wilson supported The Fourteen Points Plan following World War 1.

Woodrow Wilson died in 1924 - some 17 years before the United States entered World War II.

President Woodrow Wilson .

Woodrow Wilson was president of America.

President Woodrow Wilson & the Kaiser.

The president was Woodrow Wilson.

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