What make cooking oil thick?

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Decrease the temperature. At a low enough temperature, the oil will congeal into a solid. Almost all cooking oils will solidify in a household freezer, and many will solidify even in a refridgerator.

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Q: What make cooking oil thick?
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Does cooking oil have a good viscosity?

Cooking oil has a semi-thick viscosity. It is thicker than water.

What happens to cooking oil when it cools down?

it gets thick .

Why use oil to make fries?

Oil is used to make fries because cooking potatoes in cooking oil gives them a soft inside while the outside can be soft or crunchy.

How do you make Malunggay Cooking Oil and what are the Instructions?

A person can make malunggay cooking oil by combining coconut oil and malunggay leaves. The oil is used in many recipes and is said to ward against cancer.

Can a bad camshaft sensor make oil thick?

no no

How do you make refined soy cooking oil?


Is cooking oil element?

Cooking oil is not an element. Cooking oil is a compound.

What procedures are used for cooking?

The most important incridient of any cooking is Cooking oil cannot make any meal without cooking oil ........... Now a days most of the people prefer to use Canola oil over other cooking oil because canola oil is fat free and rich source of Vitamins.......

Can you burn cooking oil instead of heating oil?

Yes, you can. But have to heat it up to 60C or make biodesel(cook cooking oil for 1 to 4 hours in 60C).

What green fruit is used to make cooking oil?


What has more viscosity molasses or cooking oil?

Viscosity is the state of being thick due to internal friction, hence molasses would have more viscosity because of the fact that it has a harder time of spreading and moving then cooking oil and it is thicker.

Why should cooking oil be added to cooking water when cooking pasta?

Adding oil to pasta cooking water to keep it from sticking is a waste of time and oil, when pasta is cooking it sinks as the oil stays on top. The only time the oil actually encounters the pasta is as it passes through it and when it is drained. Adding oil to the cooking water will not prevent clumping of pasta, while cooking you must give it an occasional stir. You then can add a small amount of oil to it after draining to keep it from sticking together. Don't add oil to the cooking water. Make sure it is salted properly.

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