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play duck duck turkey or eat just the skin of chicken :)

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eat .... best thing to do on thanksgiving

yes such as thanksgiving and other holidays

I would try thanksgiving crafts from thankscrafts dot com. They have the best crafts for kids to do and have a lot of fun doing. I have used them in the past and we all had fun.

when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you when someone that's a meany makes fun of you

thanksgiving meal, watching football, alcohol, family

It depends how that person makes fun of you and if he says that he is kidding after.

being with friends and family

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, and Thanksgiving is no exception. You can find some great ideas to start you off at,, and


Make some Thanksgiving dinner (stuff yourself with turkey), invite your friends over, have a blast. You can also look up on the internet what people around the world do on Thanksgiving. There are tons of things to do if you think about it.

Animation is a course of study in most schools. What makes anything fun is the interest you have for such thing.

stop her from asking him out for u and if she makes fun of u embarrse her or something

Yes, but god it can be dry if the wrong person makes it.

Some kind of chemical in the turkey

Party and Party and Yeahh. fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weekend. -

I'm not aware of any books, but Vampire Sucks makes fun of Twilight. (It was the best movie ever!)

he makes fun of Simon after he faints

the adrenalin that is released by the body during the act of skiing makes it fun

Human and sex makes fun on Doodle God.

The Thanksgiving parade is so famous because it is a long-standing tradition, because many people work on it, and because it is widely broadcast.

Thanksgiving is the proper adjective for Thanksgiving, as in "Thanksgiving turkey" and "Thanksgiving parade."

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company makes the large balloons.

When sombody makes fun of you makes your life worce and sombody being a friend makes you happy

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