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The breed characteristic and the pigment in the hair determines the hair colour.

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Is a black cow or a brown and white cow more visible from the air?

White cow.

What is difference between black cow and white cow?

what is difference between white cow and black cow

A cow with its tail to the west makes weather the best - a cow with its tail to the east makes what?

A cow with its tail to the west makes the weather best; A cow with it's tail to the east makes the weather least.

What animal makes cow sounds?

a cow.

How do you get a black and white cow on harvest moon?

To get a black and white cow in havest moon you must buy one cow, sell it and get another one or just keep the first cow and buy another one. Your second cow should be black and white.

What is an all white cow called?

A white cow. Charolais, Chianina and Marchigiana are some breeds that come in all white.

Are cows raciest?

depends on if its a black cow, A white cow, a brown cow, or a tan cow. for goodness sake, ask a cow.

Is khawar sound of a cow?

No. Its 'Moo' that is the sound a cow makes

What is the difference between white cow a brown cow?


What do you call a white cow?

A white cow, unless you have a specific breed you want to call it by, such as Charolais or Chianina.

What is the easiest to see from an airplane a black and white cow or a white cow?

White cattle are often the easiest to see from an airplane than black-and-white ones.

Where does a cow get milk from?

A cow doesn't get milk from anywhere. She makes it, in her udder.

Who was the last preasident who kept a cow in the White House?

Thoms Jefferson was the last preasident to have a cow in the white house!!

Why does the milk have a white color?

Because cow is white

What is the name given to A cream fawn and white dairy cow?


Is a cow a person place or thing?

It is a thing, which makes the word "cow" a noun.

What sound does a European cow makes?

The same sound that any cow from any other country makes: the onomatopoeic "Moo."

Which cow would be easier to spot from an airplane a white cow or a spotted cow?

For most cases, it would be a white cow. But, a spotted cow would be easier to spot if the airplane where flying over an area that is covered in snow, not a green snowless pasture.

What is the breed of a black and white cow?

There are probably other breeds that are black and white, but the most common black and white breed is the Holstein, a kind of dairy cow.

What is the correct name for the black and white spotted cow?

A Holstein-Friesian cow.

What is a black and white dairy cow?

Holsteins are black and white.

Which cow stomach makes food into milk?

None. No stomach of the cow makes food into milk. Check out the related question below to see how milk is really made inside a cow.

What is white and comes from a cow?


What comes from cow but it is not white?


What kind of cow is hardest to see from an airplane a white cow camouflage or equal?

It depends on the background color. If the ground is covered in snow, then a white cow would NOT be seen. I the season is summer, a cow that is camouflaged would be the hardest to see.