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Overheating? Under load could be a bearing Needs higher octane fuel Timing too far advanced

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Q: What makes a engine knock sometimes in a 1998 cadillac with a 4.6?
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What are the knock senors for on a 2004 Chevy truck 4x4?

Severe spark knock (pinging) can damage the engine. Knock sensors detect spark knock (pinging) in the engine. They send that info to the ECM (Engine Control Module). The ECM makes temporary adjustments in engine timing to eliminate the spark knock.

Who makes troy bilt snow blower engines?

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Who makes Troy-bilt snow blower engines?

They are made by in China,they are knock offs ,of the Honda engine

What is wrong with a 1986 Trans Am that makes a light tick or knock in the engine when rpms get higher?

Your alternator maybe bad

Who makes Cadillac shoes?

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Where is the o2 sensor on a 2003 Cadillac northstar engine?

The O2 sensor on a 2003 Cadillac Northstar engine is located in the exhaust manifold. The readings from this sensor are sent to the vehicle's computer, which makes constant adjustments to the fuel and air mixture.

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What causes a 2003 4.3 ford explore engine knock?

Ford makes no 4.3. Please revise. Is this a Ford 4.0 or a Chevy 4.3?

What makes my 1988 camaro knock?

check your fly wheel before spending money a tiny crack can sound like a blown engine

Can you use a 98 cadillac sls engine for a 98 sts?

Yes, it's the same size engine the sts just makes more hp(300) then the sls(270) engine, should drop right it

Will a damaged knock sensor affect transmission?

yes , the knock sensor makes the car move sluggish wen bad and so the owner want to accelerate more but the engine wont deliver, in these form the transmission can be affected

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