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Exercise, and deep breathing

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What parts of the body makes up the respiratory system

the nervous system tells the respiratory system what to do while the respiratory system gives the nervous system oxygen

Over time it makes your respiratory system more efficient.

The lower respiratory system consists of the parts of the respiratory system below the pharynx. It consists of the trachea, larynx, bronchi, and lungs.

If you didn't have your respiratory system it would not be possible for you to be alive. The body requires oxygen to survive, which makes the respiratory necessary because it is through our respiratory system that we receive oxygen.

That is a pretty stupid question. The respiratory system makes you be able to breathe, and the digestive system digests the food you eat.

the oxygen makes the respiratory system expand and soothes your need for oxygen

It filters out the air system and makes sure nothing gets in your nose

The answer is in the question BOTH are the respiratory system.

The answer is your question - the "respiratory system" is a "system".

our respiratory system is in our body

no, they do not have a respiratory system

Because our respiratory system is part of our breathing and we all breath faster when we do exercise because the oxygen needs to get to the muscles quicker. Exercise also makes you fitter, so you will see an improvement on the respiratory system because your breathing will be more controlable... Therefore exercise defently effects the respiratory system :)

cycling it is good for the respiratory system cycling it is good for the respiratory system

The respiratory system works with the circulatory system, it also makes hormones, metabolic products, it is necessary for vocalizations, and for cooling as in panting. Also coughing and sneezing involve this system.

the respiratory system in a monk3y

how does the respiratory system work

the endocrine system works with the respiratory system by making changes to your body for example when the parts in your respiratory system grow that is the growth hormones from your endocrine system working with your respiratory system.

no, but the different parts of your respiratory system are such as your lungs being organs and part of your respiratory system.

The Respiratory System The Respiratory System the imune system

Respiratory Systemthe respiratory system i.e. breathing system

It destroys the respiratory system

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