What makes a trash bag strong?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Polyethylene makes a garbage bag stronger!!!!!!!!!!!! dah

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Q: What makes a trash bag strong?
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How strong is trash bags from shopping bags?

Trash bags are a lot better than shopping bags because a trash bag can hold a lot more than a shopping bag. A trash can is larger and thicker than a shopping bag an trash bag can hold 5830 kg and a plastic bag can hold 5325 kg.

What is in a bag of trash?


How do get the bag in poptropica wimpy boardwalk island?

The bag of empty bag is in the trash can that has the flies in it. You have to bring the trash can to the cotton candy then open the trash can and the flies will go to the cotton candy instead of you. After that you can dig in the trash to find the empty bag. Hope that helps!

Which simplehuman bin is the best for recycling glass?

Simplehuman's website features many trash bins dedicated to recycling; most containers will have two compartments, one for recycling and one for trash. Both compartments can accommodate a trash bag which makes removing the trash simple and easy. You can also get a container that allows you to remove the entire bin to eliminate the trash bag altogether.

When was the first trash bag made?

The garbage bag was first created in 1942 in Canada. Harry Wasylyk was the creator of the trash bag.

The importance of using trash bag segregation colors?

Each city or state has a certain trash bag.

How big is a normal trash bag size?

13 gallon is a standard household kitchen trash bag size.

Can you make salad in trash bag?

You probably could put all the salad ingredients in a trash bag and shake it up to mix them, but the trash bag is probably not very sanitary. Trash bags are not sanitized or intended for food you plan to eat or serve.

Are trash bag biodgradable?


What is the materials to make a parachute?

The best material is a trash bag!I have even done a science experiment on the topic and it is totally a trash bag.!!!!!!

How do you dry crack cocaine?

You Throw it in the trash can and wait for the trash truck to come.

How do you put trash in a bag on webkinz I can never put the trash in a bag in webkinz. It is always hard to do. I always can't get to get up trash it is always so harh to do. I iooked everywhere.?

All you do is click on trash when it appears, then walk around and look for a trash can the click and drag the trash to either the recycle can, or trash can.