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What makes airplane flies?


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Airplane fly mothers and fathers

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The engine makes an airplane go forward.

Gulfstream makes the G550 airplane.

the airplane with the most fuel

1. An airplane is not small 2. An airplane flies on gas

The lift and thrust force makes an airplane go faster.

Any airplane that the president flies on is called Air Force One. Most often it is a Boeing 747.

The airplane is flown by a pilot who has been trained and then authorized by the appropriate authorities.

A lined paper airplane flies the farthest. It flies the farthest because it weighs less than any other type of paper. For example, it weighs less than an airplane made of construction paper and it weighs less than an airplane made of copy paper.

I am doing a science project in school. Subject: How does temperature affect the way a paper airplane flies?

A person who flies an airplane is called a pilot It is called a pilot.I know because my uncle was one.That would be a PILOT

you can say it flies in the air but if you want to sound more sophisticated then you should probably go with The airplane flies in the atmospere.* Atmosphere

Paper, because it is much lighter, and a foil airplane will take up much more mass.

The engines, driving propellers or jets, make the airplane move.

no, airplane mode pretty much makes the iphone a itouch

The running lights are more for other pilots to see you than for you to see anything. They do not help the airplane fly any better.

An aviator is a person who flies an airplane; a pilot.

Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

The person who flies an airplane is called a "pilot". Sometimes, they are assisted by a "co-pilot" and/or a "navigator".

the elevators on an airplane is used to change the airplane's pitch. The pitch of an airplane is what makes the airplane go up and down without turning, if you turn, that would become roll.

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