What makes blue with paint?

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What colours makes purple paint?

Red paint and blue paint makes purple paint.

What makes yellow paint and green paint?


What makes a blue baby?

If you put blue paint on it!

What color paint makes blue paint darker?


What two colors makes blue paint?

blue and blue... its a primary colour.

What paint makes purple?


What colors makes blue paint?

Yellow and Green mixed together.

What is blue and smells of paint?

blue paint?

How do you make aqua paint?

You can mix a light blue, a dark blue, and a light green color to make a aqua colored paint. It makes a very nice blue green color that is perfect for a aquatic painting. :)

How does the blue man group get blue?

They paint themselves with blue paint that is the consistency of UV paint and apparently it stinks!

Lisa uses 9.1 pints of white paint and blue paint to paint her bedroom walls. 35 of this amount is white paint, and the rest is blue paint. How many pints of blue paint did she use to paint her bedroom walls?


How do you make light blue?

well you can just buy light blue paint or you can get a dark blue paint and you can add white paint

How do you make blue paint?

add a blue pigment to white paint

How do you make gray blue paint?

Green + Blue + A hint of Grey = Grey Blue Paint :)

How do you make white out of gray paint?

I think blue and grey mixed together makes white🌟

If mom has green eyes and dad has blue eyes what are the odds baby will have brown eyes?

not so much if you get blue paint and green paint mix them together see what colour it makes that's the colour the baby will have

How do you make green paint from yellow and blue?

You mix the yellow and blue paint then, your paint will turn green.

What is orange and smells like blue paint?

Blue Paint. Because paint all smells the same.

What is the paint code for Miami blue?

Miami blue - paint code L51C

Can blue paint be made from yellow paint?


Does blue paint an green paint make yellow?

No but blue and yellow make green

Can Behr primer and paint be used over oil paint?

Behr makes 'Premium Plus Interior/exterior oil based primer/sealer'. In a blue can in Home Depot.

What do yellow paint and blue paint make when mixed?

Yellow and blue paints when equally mixed and stirred make a green paint.

What is blue and smells like red paint?

Well you see color is just the rays from the sun reflecting a certain color and if its blue then its reflecting blue. but heres the tricky part since its just a reflection blue paint and red paint smell the same so the answer is blue paint.

How do you get blue bricks?

You paint the bricks blue?