Corals and Coral Reefs

What makes coral?

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A single celled animal - called coral of the type anthazoans.

The thing that you get to see is the combined skeleton of million tiny animals.

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How does a coral reef get its coral?

The hard coral polyp makes the coral

What eats fire coral?

A fire coral is not a true coral. This makes them very poisonous. The coral reef makes for a great environment for many fish.

What makes up a coral reef?

Mostly coral.

What makes coral reefs?

Coral reefs are made by Coral polyps which eats zoo plankton

What makes a coral reef?

coral is a plant. usually underwater, it grows on a reef. therefore you get a coral reef.

What makes coral biotic?

it is alive

Is coral only found in coral reefs?

Coral makes up coral reefs. Coral by definition are microscopic animals with an outer skeleton of calcium carbonate that form colonies and are responsible for reef building.

What substance makes coral hard?


What is the substance that makes coral hard?

Calcium carbonate

The substance that makes coral hard is?

Calcium and phosphorus

How is the Coral Reefs related to Cuba?

Cuba could be putting something in the water that makes the Coral Reefs die.

What do parrot fish do for the coral reef?

They chew up coral and eat the polyps. They then excrete fine coral dust which makes the beautiful coral sands that so many people love so much when they visit the coral islands and reefs.

What makes coral reefs vulnerable to environmental stress?


What does topsoil do when it washes onto a coral reef?

it makes it cloudier

What is a producer of the coral reef?

the answer is many different animals drop things that is what makes up the coral reef we just learned and it a plant hat does not eat other things it makes it own food

What makes a flamingo stand out?

Its coral pink and long standing appearance!

What skeletons makes the Great Barrier Reef?

It is made up of coral.

What animal makes coral?

Coral is made by a single celled animal. What you see are the skeletons of millions of small animals, like fish and sea snail.

What is the most dangerous coral?

I think it's fire coral cause not only does it burn/sting you it makes a serious cut while putting in the venom

How do coral reefs form what makes them vulnerable to environmental stress?

Coral reefs begin to form when free-swimming coral larvae attach to submerged rocks. Both natural conditions and those created by man is what make coral reefs vulnerable to environmental stress.

What are the difference of corals and coral reefs?

A coral reef is a colony of corals. A coral reef can be formed on rock rubble, but old established coral reefs are actually structured out of dead coral. This is one of the reasons it takes so long for a reef to form. Some corals may life for tens or even hundreds of years before they die and allow another coral to grow on top of their skeleton. There are many types of coral reefs, but the real difference is that coral is what makes up a coral reef.

Topsoil that washes onto a coral reef?

Topsoil that washes onto a coral reef as a result of human interaction makes the water cloudier, reducing photosynthesis.

Why are zooxanthellae important?

The presence of a zooxanthellae makes the coral reef like a super coral because only some can exist in shallow waters so this is what the coral feeds on when they can't eat plankton or other small fish like that.

Why is the coral reef's location best for it?

because under water makes it live and flow

What is the name of the creature who makes coral?

Coral reefs are formed by polyps that produce a hard shell of calcium carbonate. The polyps belong to a group of animals known as Cnidaria.

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