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What makes hair grow longer?

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You get products from local stores to help improve your hair to me stronger, healthier and it will improve your growth. You usually find treatments that you do a few times a week which should help. I use to use one and it works excellently but not everything works for everyone.

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On a hot day does your hair grow longer?

Any day makes your hair grow.

What herbs make hair grow faster?

i dont know what herb makes hair grow longer but i did hear the coconut oil makes hair grow 2x fast!

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

How can i get your hair to grow longer and quicker?

you cant get my hair to grow longer and quicker, its my hair, leave it alone

What makes hair grow faster and longer?

Eats lots of dairy excersize frequently

Is it true that pee helps your hair grow faster and longer?

No that is not true. What is true is that when you wash your hair it is best to rub your scalp and get the soap in your scalp. That is what makes hair grow faster.

What is the fastest way that you can make your hair grow longer?

The fastest way is to just wait. There really isn't anything that makes it grow faster, but waiting and taking care of your hair will make it grow healthily so it can grow longer. Get a weave. That makes people's hair grow really long as long as you want it. Just tell your stylist what color and how long and he/she will give it to you.

Does Pantene prov help you hair grow longer fast?

No. it makes it quite a bit stronger and more conditioned, which gives it a good foundation to grow longer quicker. But that isn't what makes it grow faster, just healthier.

What hair grease makes hair grow longer?

Hair grease does not make hair grow longer sadly. However, keeping your hair healthy does make your hair grow longer without it breaking. To keep your hair healthy be sure to wash it frequently, and eat a balanced diet. Besure to avoid constantly bleaching, dyeing, curling, straightening and blow drying it.Hope this helpsmickaela

How can you get you hair to grow longer?

I meant, grow longer faster.

How can my hair grow longer overnight?

Human hair can not grow visibly longer overnight, sorry.

What helps hair grow?

When your washing your hair with shampoo, massage your scalp. It does something to make your hair grow faster and longer. Also put your head upside down for a few minutes. Probably about 3-4 it makes the blood go up to your head then makes your hair grow.

How do you make hair grow longer in 4 days?

Hair cannot be made to grow longer, or faster.

Why shaved hair grows longer?

Saved hair does not grow longer

If you massage your scalp will your hair grow longer and faster?

Yes, a good hair massage helps hair grow longer & faster.

What fruit makes your hair and nails grow?

what fruit makes my nails and hair grow

What makes your hair grow faster and longer in 1 week?

Trim split and dead ends and use healthy shampoo. Then do this over and over again and hopefully you will have longer hair.

What is the importance of the dragonfruits?

It makes your hair grow longer. And food specialists say that it creates better sex.

What shampoo makes your hair grow longer?

You could try Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship.

Does live doll hair grow back when you cut it?

No because the hair is no longer attached to the roots so it will no longer grow !!

What makes your hair grow longer?

Hair can grow longer by massaging coconut oil, aloe vera and almond oil into the scalp. Let it stand for a few minutes before washing with shampoo. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E to let the hair grow faster.

Can the ocean make your hair grow longer?

Salty water does not make your hair grow longer, it dries it out and makes it wavy. Wash your hair straight after you have gotten out of the ocean or pool. There are treatments that you get from salons that will help and trim it now and then, dont let your split ends get bad.

How do you grow longer hair?

Contrary to popular myth, trimming your hair frequently does not make it grow faster, however, it can help prevent split ends, which can make your hair look more healthy. In order to grow longer hair, be patient, stay healthy, get enough sleep, and eat a balanced, nutrient-filled diet with lots of protein (which is what your body makes hair out of).

How do you make your hair get longer?

You Grow It. or use hair extensions

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