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What makes it a "continental" breakfast?

Every time I grab a muffin and a glass of orange juice in a hotel lobby, I wonder about it.

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Foster Schroeder
2020-05-12 21:05:23

The term stems from 19th century England—when they said “the continent,” they meant continental Europe. In places like France and the Mediterranean, breakfast was (and is) a light meal. A traditional English or American breakfast, however, is much heavier, with heaping mounds of eggs and meat. A “continental breakfast” was meant to cater to the tastes of those in mainland Europe who preferred a smaller breakfast, and it stuck, in no small part because the central items require little oversight and have a decent shelf life.

continental breakfast

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resultsgp terlengkap
2020-05-21 06:49:13

Sarapan yang baik adalah dengan segelas susu dan roti

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2020-05-21 21:19:09

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2020-05-21 12:55:09

It's a quick holiday breakfast

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