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What makes it faster soda or water?


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water. soda can make the plant sick and it will possibly die

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water evaporates faster then soda

water makes a plant grow faster because they where growing befor sprite was envented and water was here

Ice melts faster in water than in soda. This is because soda has sodium (salt) in it, and adding sodium makes ice melt more slowly than it will in plain water.

yes it does becuae of the acid in soda it makes the ice desolve quicker

water will freeze faster do to the sugars andcarbohydratesin soda

soda will make the plant grow faster. i tried vinilla zero and the plant grew to be 7 inches

Water melts faster then soda because soda has many chemicals and water does not contain chemicals.

Soda doesn't evaporate faster then plain water becasue the molecules in soda are colsely packed together which makes it harder to evaporate. The molecules in plain water evaporate quicker because they are less packed together and don't attract as the molecules in soda do.

no water and soda freeze faster:) hope i helped:)

water evaporates faster than soda because water has no sugar and soda has a lot ofsugar

WATER Soda! b/c (because) there are chemicals in soda and there are no chemicals in water

water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited water eveaporates faster then sunkist or soda because its no corbanited

BOTH!Gatorade and soda have sugar in them and plants do need sugar to order to grow...AND SUNLIGHT

Water evaporate faster in sunlight.

Baking soda (and all soluble solids) disolve faster in hot water because the heat makes the water molecules move faster. Therefore, they can break up the baking soda into individual ions faster: when a sodium or hydrogen atom is an the edge of a clump of baking soda, the oxygens of water molecules surround them and pull them off. That exposes a carbonate ion, which the hydrogens of water molecules surround and pull off. This repeats until all of the baking soda is broken down into ions.

salt doesn't dissolve faster in water than baking soda.....

The baking soda makes the bread rise.

Each material has a specific solubility in a solvent.

Water. Soda is super saturated while water is unsaturated.

the reason soda makes mold grow faster is because soda is high in sugar and sugar is food for mold.

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