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Marijuana has an active substance called tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC) that gives the user the "high" associated with marijuana. Without this substance, marijuana would do nothing to the user. Marijuana is considered a drug because THC induces altered states of consciousness, like alcohol or caffiene, or cocaine. For a substance to be considered a drug it must have a direct effect on one of the systems within your body. Marijuana affects the central nervous system, which is made up primarily of the brain and an intricate network of nerves that run throughout your body. Marijuana is also considered a drug because the FDA and the federal government do not want you using it.

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Q: What makes marijuana a drug?
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What chemical in marijuana makes you pop positive on a drug test?

Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC.

What drug components test positive on a drug test for marijuana?

The cannabinoids in marijuana are detected - and thus cause the drug test for marijuana to be positive.

Is a marijuana is a medicine?

marijuana is a drug

What is weed drug?


What is a drug that makes people feel good when they are using it and bad when they stop?

marijuana will do this but please don't

Is there a cure for marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug, not a disease..

Can you fail a drug test from eating marijuana?

yes it still makes it in blood stream and eventualy in your pee

When was marijuana considered a drug?

Marijuana became a controlled substance or was banned as a drug in this country in 1937.

Was Bob Marley a drug addict?

he was not an addict, but he did use marijuana and was an alcoholic (marijuana is not an addictive drug!)

Is weed a drug?

NO marijuana is not a drug its a leaf

Does synthetic marijuana show up in drug test?

Yes. I an guessing you mean Hash or something similar by saying synthetic marijuana. A marijuana drug test is looking for the metabolite of THC. So if the drug has THC in it, which is what gets you high in marijuana, then it will show up in a drug test.

Is marijuana in the news?

Yes! There are plenty of stories about marijuana all the time. Check out controversies over medical marijuana, drug legalization, and drug trade.

What type of drug poses the greatest risk to teens?

Marijuana. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug among teens today. Always has been and probably always will be. Marijuana is the "gateway drug." Marijuana leads to other drug usage, which is why it can be such a risk. Teens that use Marijuana are 99% more likely to use and try other drugs than a teen than has not tried Marijuana.

Can protonix cause positive marijuana results in drug test?

Yes it makes a false positive for Mary Jane!

How is marijuana addictive?

Marijuana has been scientifically said that marijuana is a non-addicting drug..

Is marijuana a habituate drug?

Yes, marijuana can be habit forming.

What is natural drug?

Marijuana is a quite natural drug.

Why do some people think marijuana is consider a gateway drug?

Because many drug abusers began with marijuana.

Is marijuana a schedule 2 drug?

Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. It is scheduled to be more dangerous than meth.

What is a gate-way drug?

A gateway drug is a drug that increases your likeliness of starting with heavier drugs. Marijuana has been stamped as a gateway drug for a long time. Even though there are little conclusive evidence than Marijuana is a gateway drug, the fear is that people who tries it will move on to heavier drugs either because Marijuana itself makes the body crave for other or stronger sensations, that the mind gets a taste of what is out there and wants to experiment, or that people who start smoking marijuana will get into a social environment where the access to other drugs are better.

What drug category of drug does marijuana fall under IN A DRUG TESt?


What is the drug bo?


Will atripla show up as marijuana in a drug screen?

It just gave me a false positive for marijuana for a drug screen for a job.

How could i a pass a drug test after smoking marijuana?

You can pass Drug test after smoking Marijuana as this never mixes with the in the blood.